The Clean Dirt

brightening exfoliant treatment

200ml / $70.00
The Clean Dirt The Clean Dirt

a wake-up call for sleepy skin

micro-dermabrasion. power button. magic dust.

The Clean Dirt

brightening exfoliant treatment

200ml / $70.00

An energizing blend of cleansing clays, warming spices and restorative salts lifts impurities while a surge of H20-activated Vitamin C encourages cellular rejuvenation and undeniable luminosity.

This stimulating treatment transforms and refines skin’s appearance with a potent cocktail of exfoliants, leaving you velvety smooth and gorgeously radiant.


Every second or third day, awaken skin with The Clean Dirt.

Our original cult favorite gently exfoliates, easing congestion and helping you to shed dead and dehydrated skin. The unique formula brightens and tones, fading discoloration and post-acne marks while giving you the most radiant skin ever. The Clean Dirt is powerfully effective, and gives immediate results from use one. It’s a game-changer in your routine.

the result

A remarkably fresh complexion that will have you cooing like a newborn.

the ritual

Activate one true teaspoon powder with just shy of equal parts water to form a soft mousse. Massage gently into damp skin with the pads of your fingertips. Rinse in the shower for ease, facing into the water and letting the stream rehydrate and wash the formula away easily. Continue your massage for another minute after the grains have been rinsed clear - often, you can feel dead skin releasing at your fingertips in this step! This is where the real magic is.

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"I just can't get over how amazing it skin looks so much better on the days after I use it. Love, love love it!"


"The smells is delicious and reminds me of Christmas gingerbread cookies my grandmother used to make. It gives my skin the most beautiful glow."


"I have never used an exfoliant regularly before this one because I felt like they were too harsh on my skin. My skin would be red and raw afterwards and for someone who already has a lot of redness on her skin, that is definitely not what I'd want to see.

Since my skin has been on the drier side lately, an exfoliant was becoming more necessary in my routine and this one is awesome. It doesn't leave my skin feeling stripped afterwards, it just feels soft and looks brighter. My makeup applies so much better! I especially love mixing it with The Honey Mud and a bit of water to create a really nice, thick consistency. I actually look forward to exfoliating now so this will be a definite repurchase :)"



The Clean Dirt


Dehydration often stems from stagnation in the skin and a compromised barrier that does not allow for the balanced production of your own natural oils or absorption of your moisturizers. Proper exfoliation is key. If you are particularly sensitive, leave this treatment for just once weekly, brushing it on gently. Allow to sit for a minute or two, and rinse in the shower, or by splashing face with warm water to release the formula gently without rubbing or scrubbing; also avoiding face cloths.

Immediately follow with The Youth Dew and/or The Blue Cocoon - this is vital, as The Clean Dirt essentially provides a gentle resurfacing of your complexion, allowing for the deepest, most effective penetration of your other treats. You will want to apply your oils while skin is still warm, wet, and fully receptive for the ultimate benefit.


Begin by incorporating The Clean Dirt every second or third day, increasing or decreasing as you find the rhythm that suits your individual needs. A good guideline is to exfoliate as often as you shampoo, so I most often incorporate this into my morning ritual. This seems to be the most appropriate timing for me, and also allows me to indulge in the shower for the least mess (it's worth it, I promise!). I let the formula sit on my skin while I run conditioner through my hair and scrub my body. It's the perfect amount of time, and when I rinse, massaging with my fingertips, both my hair and skin are silky smooth. Adjust to your preference - morning and night are equally wonderful.


This formula removes light makeup and the daily grime. The Clean Dirt is an exfoliant, so is not to be used on the eye area. If you wear eye makeup, heavy foundation, or sunscreen, begin with The Pendulum Potion, following with The Clean Dirt. When skin is bare, go ahead and go straight to The Clean Dirt alone.


This is my favorite treat on days my skin feels stressed or sensitive, but when I'm also craving effective exfoliation and the glow that only The Clean Dirt can bring.

Start with about 50/50 ratio - 1 tsp. of The Clean Dirt, 1 tsp. of The Honey Mud and about ½ tsp. of water as needed. This will come together as a soft, luscious, and totally decadent treatment that will give serious results with a bit more mellowness than a full-strength session. You can also add several pumps of The Pendulum Potion when needing a surge of moisture. Leave this on as a mini treatment for up to 20 minutes, or simply enjoy a quick massage with the pads of your fingertips, and then rinse.


The Clean Dirt gently exfoliates, easing congestion and stagnation and helping you to shed dead and dehydrated skin. This stimulating treatment transforms and refines skin's appearance - addressing issues of uneven skin tone and discoloration, dryness, flakiness, oil imbalances and acne. It helps to fade scars and residual redness from past outbreaks while brightening your overall complexion.


To me, it feels like I bottled Christmas. There is a warm scent of cinnamon and ginger cookies, with layers of cocoa and vanilla and spicy herbiness. It's highly invigorating and addicting.


Kaolin (White Halloysite) Clay, Red Moroccan Rhassoul Clay, Red Alaea Sea Salt (Sea Salt and Red Alaea), L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Sodium Bicarbonate, *Althaea Officinalis (Marshmallow) Root, *Rosa Centifolia (Pink Rose), *Calendula Officinalis (Calendula) Flower, *Cinnamomum Zealanicum Blum (Ceylon Cinnamon), *Myristica Fragans (Nutmeg), *Syzygium Aromaticum (Clove), *Curcuma Longa (Turmeric), *Zingiber Officinale (Ginger), *Vanilla Planifolia Bean, ** Theobroma Cacao (Raw Cacao), +Eugenol.


*Certified Organic **Certified Fair Trade +Component of Essential Oil

A Closer Look

Red Alaea Sea Salt

Sea Salt & Red Alaea Volcanic Clay

Vitamin C

L-Ascorbic Acid


Calendula Officinalis (Calendula) Flower

*Ceylon Cinnamon

Cinnamomum Zealanicum Blum (True Cinnamon)


Curcuma Longa


Zinger Officinale
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My dear friends,

Over the years, you’ve all gotten to know me for my obsession with quality and service, and my dedication to our beautiful, life-filled, truly natural ingredients. It is an honor and a privilege to be entrusted with your care and I do not take this responsibility lightly.

Today, I’m writing to let you know we are temporarily ceasing sale of The Honey Mud.

Recently, we've found ourselves confronted very directly with the challenging side of what it means to be an uncompromisingly plant-based, natural brand. Working with the world’s freshest, direct-sourced, food-grade ingredients in their least processed and most potent state is our foundation and with this comes both the benefit of these live enzymes and rich nutrient activity, as well as the potential for this "activity" to result in rare instances of bloom or mild fermentation - the same as that can happen in any fresh, organic food. We have now observed this occurrence within certain batches of The Honey Mud in our lab, which brings us to this conversation.

We are investigating a theory that previously undetected, dormant microbes within clay can be brought to life when fed with the nourishment of our raw honey. We are implementing additional pre-screens on “inert” individual ingredients like clay to further expand our visibility into the invisible. Further, I am exploring subtle variations on this unique formula, dreaming of ways to make it not only more stable, but even more extraordinary and beautiful for the skin.

I realize that for many of you, The Honey Mud is a part of your treasured daily ritual, as it is for me. It breaks my heart to not be able to share this for some undefined period of time and I know some will be upset as there is no opportunity to stock up. As much as I want you to have this special treat in your world, I want more to be always worthy of your trust.

Stability, the "nature of nature", and what happens when something goes wrong is an important conversation that is often skipped over, but is vital to this community's understanding around natural formulation and the ongoing trials that come with it. My commitment to always embrace an open conversation with you has never been stronger and this moment will no doubt provide a catalyst for even greater innovation within our in-house production team and the work we do. The Honey Mud will be back and will be more glorious than ever before! :)

I'll be in touch as we progress and have news on an updated version of The Honey Mud's availability, but know that my responsibility and priority is to proceed with my research, reformulation, and testing with thoughtfulness and thoroughness, and not necessarily speed.

I welcome any questions. It is always important to me to be an open book, and no subject is dearer to my heart than that of our precious fresh ingredients and the dedicated loving care of YOU.

With love always,