the ritual for: Untroubled Maintenance

the ritual for: Untroubled Maintenance

Skin Concerns: Untroubled Maintenance

1. Begin with The Pendulum Potion to cleanse skin day and night (note: this gorgeous formula also doubles as a body & hair oil!). Massage into dry skin, focusing on areas of makeup or congestion. Wet hands and continue massage, then place our warm, damp, Facial Steam Cloth over face and neck. Press and repeat until skin is soft and cleansed before rinsing.

2. Every 2nd or 3rd day, introduce The Clean Dirt to brighten and reduce stagnation. Check out this Instagram post for important tips to make the very most of your experience. Also, try blending The Clean Dirt with The Pendulum Potion for an extra nourishing treat.

3. 1-2x/weekly, indulge in a full treatment masque with The Problem Solver, waking up skin and encouraging cell turnover. Be sure to use enough powder to reach a rich, bubbling mousse consistency - at least ½ -1 true Tablespoon - blending with just shy of equal parts water. Watch a great demo video here.

4. After every cleansing or treatment, feed and hydrate skin immediately with The Blue Cocoon and/or The Youth Dew. For extra nutrition, double up morning and night. Always massage both into WET skin directly following rinsing (skip your towel completely), while skin is still warm and most receptive. Don’t neglect the eye area and your lips!

5. Complete by saturating skin with The Jasmine Garden and continuing your massage. This game-changing formula enhances penetration and assimilation of everything that came before it, enabling the best possible absorption of both fat and water-soluble nutrients.

bonus tips

When is the last time you touched your skin with intention? This is the moment to really tune in to your fingertips, to feel the texture, tone, and warmth of your skin and learn from the messages it gives you. So often, we rush through our cleansing routines - or in contrast, pull out every tool and gadget and twenty products - never really acknowledging what is happening right here on this most vulnerable organ.

Pause. Breathe. Today, we shift.

Let these be moments of love, of touch that nurtures and feeds you, of more than simply solving a skin challenge or getting clean. Let this be your safe haven and place of calm, healing, and restoration. For the next 30 seconds or thirty minutes, whichever you can fully immerse in, just be with yourself. Touch the preciousness of your skin. Feel the warmth, the life inside. Be filled.