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love letters - testimonials.
love letters 
I don't even know where to start with this oil. I am in love, smitten, over the moon. Seriously, The Youth Dew is pure perfection in a bottle. It hydrates, plumps, and leaves behind that dewy finish we all crave from our moisturizer. —Megan 
Oh. My. Goodness. I just received my package, and I just had to tell you how gorgeous everything is! Seriously. That was better than Christmas morning! Your every detail is exquisitely perfect. Thank you for the extra samples! The Honey Mud smells divine, and I'm very excited to try The Youth Dew and The Problem Solver as well! I'm practically speechless. I can't wait to get ready for bed tonight! —Kristen 
I received my package Monday might have heard my squeals of delight across the country! I have to rave again about The Clean Dirt. I just can't get over how amazing it skin looks so much better on the days after I use it. Love, love love it! —Caitlin I just received my bottle of The Good Stuff in the mail today and -oh my lord- it smells amazing! The first thing I did after applying it was spontaneously kiss my arm! I don't think I've ever had a reaction quite like that to a skincare product before! Thank you thank you thank you for this bottle of bliss! —Michelle 
I've been using The Clean Dirt and I just wanted to say how much it is helping my skin. I took your advice and started off by using it as a treatment, which has really helped to calm my skin, and I definitely have less cystic acne now after using The Clean Dirt. I also found it even removed a stubborn blackhead that would not go away with anything else I used, so I am definitely more than happy with this product. Now I feel I need to try The Problem Solver, so this time I have placed an order with you directly. I've read lots of wonderful reviews about it and cannot wait to try it out for myself! —Lauren 
May, the Blue Cocoon has been so lovely for me. I have been grieving over the loss of a friend on Thanksgiving and my skin has been bombarded with stress, tears, and grief. The Blue balm has been a much needed treat. Thank you! —Maria 
Just wanted to let you know, my face cleared and looked awesome in 24 hours. That Problem Solver masque is miraculous stuff! —Monique I just wanted to quickly write you and tell you thank you. Thank you for your gorgeous products, and thank you for including a brush! That was incredibly kind of you, and it works so perfectly. I've been using them for the past four days, and honestly, I love them. I was actually shocked the first time I rubbed the youth dew across my cheeks. I've never had skin so silky. I'm starting to my skins potential, and feeling hope in your luxurious products. thank goodness! —Linzi 
I had my first experience with The Clean Dirt yesterday and immediately fell in love. This product makes my cleansing routine feels like luxurious spa treatment. The smell is delicious and reminds me of Christmas gingerbread cookies my grandmother used to make. It gives my skin the most beautiful glow. I could rave about this for hours... —Anastasija P.S. The handwritten note made me feel so special and now I keep it on my night stand ;) The scent of The Youth Dew is simply heavenly. It has subtle hints of rose and citrus. This serum not only moisturizes my skin but leaves it glowing. It literally just sinks right into the skin. —Britanie