The Blue Cocoon | Testimonials

"There's no arguing that this little piece is pricey, so before ordering it for myself I read just about every review out there, reading the ingredients listing so many times I actually had it nearly memorized. Even with all the rave reviews I had read, nothing prepared me for how much I would actually fall in love with this dreamy balm.
I honestly use it for everything - as a nightly treatment for dry skin, a redness and blemish reducer, and even as an eye treatment. I even combine it with my concealer daily for the best under eye coverage I've ever had. It's a do-it-all product with a gorgeous, luxurious scent, and every time I use it I can't help but smile.
As for the size and price, I cannot stress enough how LITTLE of this product you need per application - literally just dabbing a fingertip onto the top of this will give you enough for most of your face. I know people say a little goes a long way with a lot of products, but it's never been as true as it is with this product. With daily use, I am nearly certain this will last me well over a year - if not more.
It is a very rich formula, so not only is it important to use a small amount so you don't waste it, but using a smaller portion is also the best way to get the most out of the product. There are very few products of this price point I'd recommend for everyone, but if you're looking to add a truly great piece to your skincare collection I'd suggest this in a heartbeat."


"It's absolutely gorgeous…It leaves my skin calm and moisturized…I swear that it healed and faded a blemish almost overnight."


"I live in a cold country and while my rosacea is very mild it worsens every time I step outside and the wind hits my face. Blue cocoon has been such a wonderful help for the dots that appear on my cheeks, forehead, and chin. It's soothing and makes my skin all smooth. It lasts for very long too, making the price worth it.
I highly recommend the blue cocoon. It's currently the only skin product I use except for my makeup remover."


"I've had eczema since childhood and this season has been particularly rough for me…I'm not exaggerating when I say The Blue Cocoon smoothed away these patches in the course of a weekend... What a true miracle worker it is; I'm kind of speechless."


"I wish i didn't love this...But I absolutely do. It's uhhhmaaaazing!!! I suffer from allergies (allergic to dogs AND I have one at home) and eczema, and I live in a humid, tropical country. You can imagine how my skin is atrociously problematic. My face does this really nice trick that it breaks out into red, angry, scaly patches RANDOMLY. So, I've been finding a moisturizer that does not irritate my skin, moisturizes, soothes, calms it down, AND feels and smells luxurious. I've tried everything possible, from Tatcha's Indigo Cream to 14 step Korean skincare routines, nothing works...
How do I live without this delicious piece of heaven? I give thanks that this stuff has been invented. Seriously, this jar has been in my prayers. It smells like rich, decadent chocolate infused with a really soothing almost floral like scent. Melts instantly into liquid orgasm onto your skin. I use it twice daily after spritzing Evian facial water (gotta use it on wet skin) and my skin is finally happy. Finally.
Of course, it has a hefty price tag attached to it. Will I purchase it in a heartbeat though? Absolutely."

—Mary Jane

"Growing up I was one to always have the oily, sensitive acne prone skin. I had always stayed away from any product with "oil" in it.....until now...I am using glycolic acid with a combination of retinol In the evening. I had no idea how dry my skin was going to get, let alone I went out on a limb and invested in the blue cocoon after trying other hydrating products that were just not cutting it. The blue cocoon is truly healing my skin in a way no other products have been able to dry retinol skin is now balanced with the blue cocoon. It has been calming, soothing, healing like no product I have ever tried..IF anyone is on the fence about this product even if you are concerned at the truly is an investment in your skin and once you see the results you will never want to be without this amazing product! Love love love!"


"I get tough-to-control, frustrating-to-treat breakouts every month - nothing I've tried in the past decade has been more effective than The Blue Cocoon at calming and healing them."


"I'm almost 40 and I go through an extensive night time and day time skin care routine. I wanted a good a good all in one product for days that I wanted to give my skin a rest. I like to use the blue cocoon after I use a weekly face mask (I love the May Lindstrom honey mask). I apply it after as a night time treatment. I can't tell you how beautiful my skin looks since using this product. My redness is almost gone. My skin has never felt softer and I have a luminous look to my skin that I never had before. I don't mind the price because it works. Also, you need a tiny amount so this will last a very long time. The smell is amazing, like chocolate and herbs. You just have to smell it for yourself. This is one of my favorite products ever."


"I'll likely be paying my credit card bill with a limb or a first born child to take care of my purchase of the Blue Cocoon. Except, I've received less cream for more money and been disappointed, so imagine my surprise when I came to the conclusion that this little gem from May Lindstrom was worth every penny.
Packaged in that little black jar is one of the most beautiful blue balms that smells, well, odd to me. I love the blue tansy smell, don't get me wrong, but there are so many different little nuances that I can't put my finger on. Before I know it, once it's on my skin it begins to lose its scent and really melt in. I'm usually a little disappointed that I can't smell it anymore.
The effect is immediate. Skin is softer and calmed. Of course, I started using this product when I was sick with one of the nastiest colds of my life so I couldn't be sure if it was my fever breaking or the actual result of the product that made me look like I was glowing. A few days later I determined it was the Blue Cocoon making me look like that.
I was floored. I've had creams that were $165 for an ounce of what was touted to be a miracle. I've had creams that were $100 for the promise of magic. I've had serums for $200+ that promised to reactivate my youth. This is one of the first things I've put on my face that I actually saw do something that didn't require exfoliating acids. This was a balm... a blue balm in a little black jar that made my face feel and look like I hadn't been sick for a week.
So, good job, May Lindstrom. This product is honestly one of the best things I've tried in the many years I've been addicted to beauty. Well worth the money and definitely not the last thing I intend to try from the brand.”


"I freakin love it!"


"I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT THIS!!! This is by far the BEST facial treatment I have ever used for my dry skin and breakouts. I wear it every night before bed and I also apply it whenever I use The Problem Solver mask once a week. My skin has changed DRAMATICALLY! I saw visible results after using it around 3 times. I do not get any more breakouts, my skin is so soft and moisturized, it just looks so healthy! Also, my brownish/red pigmentation spots left from pimples have diminished significantly. I honestly cannot imagine my life without this product anymore. I know it's a bit pricey but it does such a good job for so many different things, that I don't need so many face products in my skin care routine that did barely anything. This is now my holy grail! Do not have any doubts, buy it! You will LOVE it!!!"


"There is NOTHING in my opinion comparable to The Blue Cocoon. It is almost pointless to try. No words for how stunning TBC is. I'm on my third jar! Can't and won't live without it."


"Rarely do I feel that any products are worth my review. I, like so many older women, have easily 10 jars of moisturizers, bottles of serums, etc. and have tried everything from the drugstore favorites to the high end. May Lindstrom's Blue Cocoon is the most deeply moisturizing and wonderfully luxurious product I have ever tried. Yes it is pricey, but sometimes you get what you pay for. It is like a cocoon, wrapping your skin in an aromatic silky coat of protection. Let this product transform your skin, just like a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly!"


"Worth it. Seriously. Worth every penny. I have super sensitive and dry skin with rosacea with my cheeks.
My skin has never been better since using this product. If you're questioning if this product works, don't doubt it!
It works miracles!"


"…The BC smells like a deep, deep dream of the best and sacred kind. I want to plunge my face into it…"


"The blue cocoon has become a staple in my skincare routine. It does wonders to my skin!!!! It balances, hydrates, soothes, beautifies, enhances, and is just so gorgeously silky, luxurious, and heavenly!!!! I am so so so so so happy I took the plunge and finally bought The Blue Cocoon. Thank you so much for concocting such an amazing product that livens my senses and gives my skin everything it needs. You have a forever customer! Thank you thank you thank you, May!"


"Allow yourself to splurge on this 1 product, you will not regret it. I can't even begin to say what a miracle this has been for my skin. I never realized how inflammation was affecting my skin until I used the BC! Not to mention the plumping & smoothing effects, I'm 37 so there are fine lines that the BC completely erases! Between the BC & eye cream I wake up looking YEARS younger, this is the best skin of my life. I've read reviews in which people are using this in the morning as well and maybe I'll try that in the winter as I do get a chapped winter red-face from the cold wind & salty air.
Since I am just using this at night, for now, I do notice that by the following evening my skin is asking for more Blue Cocoon lol. I can tell because if I have a little acne from my monthly or rough patches, it starts to show again. I've been using this for a bit more than a month now & I can say it will absolutely not make your skin break out. Maybe that's the result of it being 100% organic. Another bonus is the strength of the Blue Cocoon. Just a teensy amount- a little less than half the size of a pea- is all you need. This jar is definitely going to last me a year with just using it at night. I mean, would you spend $180 to have flawless skin for a year? I'm betting you would."


"This beautiful solid block of blue balm is the best product I have used in years, it has transformed my very problematic skin. As I hit 40 my skin decided to develop a split personality, it can run through the whole gamut of skin conditions from dry to oily to sensitive, spotty, blotchy, etc in a matter of days. But this beautiful balm has changed all that. The first night I put it on, (not straight after cleansing as suggested but at the end of my skincare regime), it immediately cooled and calmed my skin, leaving it glowing and uber soft. The next morning I was absolutely stunned, my skin looked so smooth, plumped up, dewy and much clearer. Within a week pores were tightened, the redness gone, my skin looked glowing but best of all it was stable, uniform in texture and color and so so soft I found myself stroking my face throughout the day. And yes I got some very strange looks!!! I have used it every night since and my skin is loving it, everyone has noticed, I've been asked what I've had done, a peel, fillers, injectables etc.
I haven't worn any makeup for weeks, as there is no way I would want to cover up what looks like the peachy glowing skin from my twenties. I still use a retinol product for my laughter lines, but the big difference is, with this over the top, I no longer have a reaction to the retinol and for the first time, I can use it every night. On top of all this wonderfulness I have hardly put a dent in the pot, so although it seems expensive it's going to last an age and save me money, as I no longer need a huge range of products to track the ever changing condition of my skin."


"…I treated an unfortunate sunburn with blue cocoon two nights in a row. It soothed the inflamed skin, and I saw an almost immediate reduction in pain and redness…I am grateful for this little tub of goodness!"


"OMG I did it. I finally purchased May Lindstrom's Blue Cocoon. I saved up and was on a no-buy for a while. I had a sample that was saving my skin during these pollen-heavy times. It's phenomenal for battling skin inflammation, rashes, weird skin conditions that I can't quite name, hives, and acne. Oh my, YES, ACNE. I have been getting hormonal breakouts and this heals them overnight. Anyone else get red blotchy rashes and bumps from pollen?? I never thought I'd spend this much on a product but I can't find anything remotely close."


"You know how your skin looks right after you get a hydrating facial? Like deeply hydrated and awake? And you think to yourself OK this is great now but I'm never going to achieve this level of moisture at home. This is the result I got from using the balm. I got my blue cocoon Wednesday morning and today is Friday. the first day I used it, I saw an immediate difference in my skin. It was more hydrated on the surface. The second time I applied it, my skin looked like it was infused from within. I have combo to dry skin now cause of the winter. And this has balanced out my skin so nicely. I see it has smoothed out the look of my pores. I wanted to review it right away but I'm decided to wait and I'm happy I did.
Because each day and night I've used it since I got it, my skin has gotten better and better and I can see the difference. Thursday morning, my skin looked instantly brighter after using it. I forgot to put it on Thursday night and I can see what happens to my skin when I don't use it! It's still hydrated but not the same as when I used it the night before! I'm usually into these kinds of natural oil smells. But not so fond of this smell, it doesn't matter though. This is definitely a ride or die product for me now. Additionally, I got my period and had some breakouts while using it. It didn't really affect the breakouts but it didn't make them worse either after I extracted. And I'm 22, not mature skin. I know that a lot of the reviews said they had mature skin so I wasn't sure about this product. But as an aesthetician and makeup artist myself, I can say this product is gold."


"Apart from its strangely intoxicating smell and its ability to calm down the skin the thing that surprised me most about this product is its ability to calm down the nervous system and send me to sleep.I think it's worth the price just for that!"


"Welcome to The Blue Cocoon Club! It's quality > quantity with this life saver. I actually do think it's for Everyone - they just don't know it yet!"