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What is Ritual Renewal?

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We've provided our recommended cadence for optimal results, but you know you best! Set shipment timing to follow your current rhythm of care — or easily adjust anytime to best support your personal consistency goals.


Well-fed skin is happy skin, and it’s our delight to make saying YES easy. It just gets better and better and better from here.

the blue cocoon: beauty balm concentrate
The Blue Cocoon

solid oil facial concentrate


The Honey Mud

enzyme & acid facial pudding


The Youth Dew front view
The Youth Dew

balancing facial serum


The Jasmine Garden: Cooling and Hydrating Face Mist Front View
The Jasmine Garden

botanical facial mist


The Problem Solver: Anti-inflammatory Detox Face Mask Front View
The Problem Solver

warming correcting masque


The Pendulum Potion: Front view
The Pendulum Potion

grounding release facial cleansing oil


the happy galaxy: supercharged body oil
The Happy Galaxy

supercharged body oil


The Good Stuff: Front view
The Good Stuff

body and hair radiance oil


The Clean Dirt brightening exfoliant treatment
The Clean Dirt

brightening exfoliant treatment


frequently asked questions

How do I set up a Ritual Renewal subscription?

We’ve made this an EASY win. To set up your Ritual Renewal:

1. Navigate to the page of the specific product you’d like to subscribe to.

2. Select “Ritual Renewal” near the “add to cart” button.

3. Choose your delivery frequency. (our timing recommendations are included for ease - you can make changes anytime).

4. Click “add to cart” and proceed through checkout.

*The Ritual Renewal option will display on product pages where a subscription is offered. Please note that not all products in our collection are available as a Ritual Renewal service.

Will I still get deluxe minis with my Ritual Renewal orders?

To receive your choice of deluxe minis as a bonus gift with your Ritual Renewal delivery, you must log in to make your selections.*

Clicking “Choose your bonus minis” will take you to a second page where you may select either one premium mini or two deluxe minis to enjoy.

*If no minis or changes are desired, no action is required. Your Ritual Renewal Delivery will occur automatically at the pre-selected cadence and will contain only the subscribed product.

When will I receive my product?

Your first order will ship from our kitchen lab the following business day (M-F). For subsequent deliveries, your order will be placed automatically at your selected frequency. For example, if you select every 4 weeks, you order will be placed 28 days following your first order. It will then be processed and leave our kitchen lab the following business day, arriving on your doorstep 3-5 business days later.

When will I receive my free 6th order?

Following five recurring orders, your 6th order of the same product will arrive free of charge at the regular delivery cadence you've selected.

You may make changes to your order anytime by logging in.

Can I change my order frequency?

Yes! This service is for YOU, and you may log in to customize and make changes to your deliveries anytime.*

You may also connect with us at care@maylindstrom.com if you have questions or desire further support.

*Please allow 3-5 business days for shipping once we've processed your order.

Can I add a product to my Ritual Renewal?

Of course! Making a one time add-on to your Ritual Renewal purchase is easy.

Log in, then make your product selection(s) in the banner marked 'Add items to your next delivery.’ We’ll tuck everything into your next shipment for you.

To add another product as a recurring subscription, navigate to that item and select Ritual Renewal before proceeding to checkout as usual. You may then modify each product's delivery cadence to fit your ideal schedule anytime.

Can I receive The Good Stuff in Ritual Renewal?

The Good Stuff is crafted in small batches and offered only for limited special release. It is not currently available as a Ritual Renewal option. When in stock, you are welcome to shop à la carte or add it as a one time add-on to your recurring delivery.

How do I cancel or pause a Ritual Renewal subscription?

If you wish to take a break from deliveries for any reason but may desire to restart your Ritual Renewal service at a later time, we recommend you pause rather than cancel.

To do either, log into your account and scroll to the bottom, right side of the page to confirm your choice. You may also connect with us at care@maylindstrom.com anytime for support.

Are my Ritual Renewal shipments eligible for "gifts with purchase" or other cart value-based promotions?

You'll enjoy a generous automatic 17% savings over the course of six deliveries through your Ritual Renewal subscription. Due to the already built-in savings, any Ritual Renewal orders that occur during a promotion will not count toward the cart value to receive a “gift with purchase.”

We welcome you to take part in any bonus celebratory offers you’re excited to say YES to. To do this, ensure you are outside the subscription portal, where you can add à la carte items from your wishlist to your standard (non-subscription) cart to qualify.

Is Ritual Renewal available internationally?

Our Ritual Renewal program is available to clients within the United States.

We are working to expand our subscription offerings for our international clientele, and any updates and fun news will be shared in our community newsletter. Until then, we welcome you to shop fresh at maylindstrom.com at the cadence that feels perfect to you, and we’ll ship to you fast and easy every time you’re ready for a refresh or to discover new favorites.

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