the masque treatment bowl $32 - Our limited release treatment bowl is the ideal vessel to bring your skin potions to life. The unique barrel-bellied shape helps to lessen airborne powder during the activation process of your treatment formulas, minimizing mess and allowing for ease in reaching a gorgeous mousse-like state for The Problem Solver and The Clean Dirt.
the masque treatment bowl $32 Each unique bowl is crafted exclusively for us over a five day process by local clay magician Melissa Brown and features beautiful texturing in the natural clay and a radiant 24k gold dandelion fired into its center. This stunner has offerings far beyond your cleansing and treatment ritual. Discover your ultimate stemless wine goblet, ritual infused tea mug, or introduce several to your kitchen to showcase delicious bowls of chilled gazpacho.
the masque treatment bowl $32 Variations in the hand-dipped glaze, as well as the characteristic texture of our clay, are intentional. We recommend washing your bowl by hand following each use. Approx dim. Width 4 in, Height 2.5 in
the masque treatment bowl $32