the ritual for: Pregnancy & Postpartum

the ritual for: Pregnancy & Postpartum

Skin Concerns: Pregnancy & Postpartum

1. Begin with The Pendulum Potion to cleanse skin day and night (note: this gorgeous formula also doubles as a body & hair oil!). Massage into dry skin, focusing on areas of makeup or congestion. Wet hands and continue massage, then place our warm, damp, Facial Steam Cloth over face and neck. Press and repeat until skin is soft and cleansed before rinsing.

2. Twice weekly, introduce The Clean Dirt to slough away dead skin. Check out this Instagram post for important tips to make the very most of your experience. Blend with The Pendulum Potion if skin feels stressed, sensitive, or if you have active flare-ups in need of more delicate care.

3. Twice weekly, indulge in The Problem Solver to ward off hormonal breakouts, reduce discoloration, and calm inflammation. Be sure to use enough powder to reach a rich, bubbling mousse consistency - at least ½ -1 true Tablespoon - blending with just shy of equal parts water. Watch a great demo video here. The Problem Solver makes a great spot treatment as well, particularly when blended with The Jasmine Garden.

4. Follow every cleansing or treatment with The Blue Cocoon and/or The Youth Dew. For extra nutrition, double up morning and night. Always massage both into WET skin directly following rinsing, while skin is still warm and most receptive.

5. Complete with The Jasmine Garden to enhance penetration, enabling absorption of both fat and water-soluble nutrients.

6. Drench your every blossoming inch with our multi-tasker, The Pendulum Potion. Treat any stretch marks, sore nipples, or any areas of discomfort or irritation with The Blue Cocoon.

bonus tips

Breathe deep, you got this, mama. :).

Pregnancy and the chapters surrounding it can be some of the most magical, and simultaneously stressful, of our lives. Pair this with the incessant fear of getting it wrong somehow, and we can get ourselves all worked up.

You are in a safe place. My entire collection is a gorgeous treat in this time and beyond, and you can indulge without anxiety.

Note that many of the conditions you may experience in this period often pass all on their own as hormones return to their regular state. This includes hormonal acne, melasma, “pregnancy mask”, rashes, and eczema. Practice love and patience and try to avoid the urge to rush into any aggressive treatments or protocols. You may find that this becomes entirely unnecessary given time and proper care of your skin in the months ahead.

Enjoy the book-ends of your days, these simple time-outs that feed and nourish You. This is more and more vital as our families stretch and as we tend to put constriction on our time for this kind of self care. Now is exactly when you need these moments the most. Take it. And enjoy every precious second.