The Chocolate Box


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There is joy in discovery. Experience the complete May Lindstrom Skin ritual, each fresh and potent treat held in protective amber glass, then housed in our gorgeous gift box. Keep the goodness for yourself, or share these sweet cuties with someone who needs a little extra loving care!

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The Honey Mud is getting a mini-makeover!

I couldn’t be more excited to share this better-than-ever goodness with you! The updated recipe itself is now officially final, and is in its last 90-day round of testing that will complete the formalities for regulatory compliance. Once we have our greenlight this summer, we'll start blending and shipping the first fresh batches from our studio at  

Until then, enjoy the exploration of the rest of our collection. There is so much to discover and lots of ways to mix, match, and curate to create your ultimate personalized ritual.

Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter and to follow along with our process in the lab on Instagram so you’re first to hear when The Honey Mud is back - and when even more fun is on the way!

little bites of magic

The Blue Cocoon solid oil facial concentrate (5 ml) 

The Clean Dirt brightening exfoliant treatment (10 ml)

The Honey Mud enzyme & acid facial pudding (5 ml)

The Jasmine Garden botanical facial mist (5 ml) 

The Pendulum Potion grounding release facial cleansing oil (6 ml)

The Problem Solver warming correcting masque (10 ml)

The Youth Dew balancing facial serum (2 ml)

"Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in our hearts." – Winnie The Pooh

Breathe deeply into the grounding, deeply sensual cleansing oils of The Pendulum Potion or dip into the pudding-like lusciousness of The Honey Mud.  

Banish breakouts and inflammation with The Problem Solver or deliver a dose of fresh, glow-inducing energy with The Clean Dirt.

Drink in the cool, calming ocean of The Blue Cocoon or nourish with The Youth Dew’s powerhouse vitamin cocktail. 

Complete your ritual with a showering of antioxidant protection and skin-quenching botanical extracts with The Jasmine Garden. 

Our customizable collection is crafted to adapt to your unique challenges and goals. There are infinite ways to combine, layer, and dance with our fresh formulas to discover your ultimate skincare ritual. 

Ready to go deeper? We’d love to welcome you into our family and to be your guide as you explore. Connect with us at

Our obsessively-curated fresh ingredients are at the very core of the intimate, hands-on work that we do.

We are unendingly grateful for the bounty our planet shares with us and we work to honor those gifts in each and every step of our process, from seed to soil to bottle.

Explore the entirety of our ingredient pantry here.

Yes! These glass-housed deluxe mini cuties have a reputation that precedes them. 

We love small sizing for discovery, and think sampling is such an important part of the quest to seek what best resonates with your skin. 

Two deluxe minis of your choice, selectable at our cart, are included as your gift with every order shipped fresh from our studio. We do not sell individual minis at this time. 

Further discovery is at your fingertips with The Chocolate Box, facilitating a complete tour of our primary collection within our beautiful gift box.

Enjoy the fresh-made goodness of The Chocolate Box within six months of delivery for ultimate nutrition and potency. If you wish to keep minis on hand for short travels (these are perfect!), we encourage you to treat yourself generously upon opening, and simply replenish from a fresh, full-size bottle or jar  when you are ready for a refill.

We love to be a part of your most celebratory moments, and it’s an honor to be included in your gifting. Our goal is to make every single package delivered feel like the arrival of your favorite holiday, and we are always thrilled at the opportunity to go above and beyond. 

The Chocolate Box arrives in a gorgeous matte black gift box with our gold embossed logo and a handwritten note (from May!!) for your recipient. 

Should you wish to customize your experience, do let us know! We can personalize the note upon your request and even include your own loving words on our beautiful stationery. 

You’re welcome to leave your desires for us in the “LOVE NOTES, REVIEWS, OR SPECIAL REQUESTS” box at our cart, or if there is anything more we can share that would make your gift even more extraordinary, connect with us at