The Honey Mud

gentle enzyme cleanse & masque

100ml / $90.00
The Honey Mud The Honey Mud

a honeyed hug for day and night

lush. velveteen. cozy.

The Honey Mud

gentle enzyme cleanse & masque

100ml / $90.00

An exquisitely distinctive union of raw honey, white halloysite clay, silver, and aromatic plant oils marry to envelop you in an intoxicating and highly addictive ritual.

This silken, pudding-like treat infuses skin with active enzymes while restoring your optimal hydration and individual rhythm.


Cushion your morning and evening

The Honey Mud is exquisitely nourishing and helps bring balance and comfort to stressed skin. Equally luscious as both a gentle daily cleanser or as an indulgent masque, it is formulated to be true skin food.

This decadent treat is designed to be non-stripping, respecting and preserving our delicate acid mantle and ensuring skin is left plump, hydrated, and thoroughly fed.

In periods of heightened dehydration or sensitivity, wear The Honey Mud into the shower to protect the easily compromised natural oils of your skin from evaporation in the heat and water, rinsing as your last step.

the result

Reveal a calm and balanced complexion that is plush, clear and breathtakingly soft.

the ritual

Massage a plump-pea sized dollop into wet skin to emulsify into a gorgeous and silky cleansing milk, or smooth over clean, dry skin to do double duty as an enzyme masque. Rinse thoroughly, while massaging with the pads of your fingertips.

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"I think my skin sighed after I washed it off the first time!"


"Tonight as I applied Honey Mud silk to my face, I realized that as much as I enjoy the brand discovery process, yours is the only brand I won't live without in my future years."


"…I'm smitten with Honey Mud - my skin has been glowing since I started using your products! Love it! :)"


"As someone who has dry, but blemish-prone skin, it's nearly impossible to find a face mask that works. It needs to be hydrating and nourishing to my skin, but strong enough to get rid of blemishes. This is the first and only mask I've EVER found that accomplishes both (and I've tried dozens and dozens, as a beauty blogger).

It smells like a little piece of heaven, and applies easier than any other honey-based product I've come across. The creamy consistency spreads easily, and I usually leave it on for about 45 minutes before washing it off, only to reveal simply glowing skin."



The Honey Mud


Given the "nature of nature", there is a constant evolution of our treats as we incorporate each new harvest of fresh ingredients. Changes are usually subtle and we quietly work to raise our quality standard with every single fresh batch...but sometimes we secure access to new sources that are so exciting we want to celebrate with you!

If you have a jar of The Honey Mud made fresh after July 2017, you're going to see tiny little flecks of goodness reminiscent of the very best vanilla bean ice cream. You may even note a golden caramel swirl in this galaxy of pudding-like goodness. Let me introduce you to the gorgeousness of our new cacao oleoresin! We have procured a very special source of this precious and integral ingredient this evolution is something to celebrate. Each fleck and swirl you see now contain more of the great healing power of this superfood than ever before.

The first batch of The Honey Mud to receive the new cacao was #172851. The 28 is the week number (the 28th week of 2017, which is mid-July), so anything that began with 17 (the year) and then a number less than 28 (the week) would be our original cacao, and anything from 28 and above is our new cacao.

While the ingredients listing and the formula itself never changes, each individual plant is unique, as is each collection of raw honey, mineral-rich clay, fresh-made raw cacao extract and so on.

We do not use fillers, stabilizers or synthetic fragrance to ensure 100% consistency in appearance or texture. We prefer instead to focus on ever-improving the nutritional content and efficacy of each small batch, always seeking to get closer and closer to the source to deliver you the freshest, most active and potent treats on the planet.

I encourage you to embrace any variances from jar to jar - these represent everything I stand for as a formulator with Mother Nature as my boss.


This beauty does double duty as both a masque and cleanser.

To cleanse daily - massage a plump-pea sized dollop into warm, damp skin (where it will turn instantly to a silky milk), making circular motions with the pads of your fingertips to release makeup and debris before rinsing clear.

To masque - smooth liberally over clean, dry skin (maintaining the pudding-like texture) for a 10-60 minute gentle enzyme treatment.


The Honey Mud is designed to be non-stripping. A "squeaky clean" can actually be telling us that we have damaged our acid mantle, which can cause sensitization in our delicate skin.

As you rinse away The Honey Mud, be thorough - massaging lovingly with the pads of your fingertips. This is all you need. If desired, you can accompany this massage with a very soft warm cloth or sponge for a deeper, but still gentle cleanse.

Your skin should ultimately feel plump and fed, and not tight. This can take some mental adjustment, but we promise that any trace of the gorgeous ingredients that remain are intentional and designed to feed goodness back into your complexion for the ultimate health and radiance long term.


The Honey Mud is safe and gentle for all skin, including your eye area. If you wear light makeup (including most natural mascaras), you should be perfectly fine to remove with The Honey Mud. If you are wearing a bit heavier makeup, a soft and damp cloth will help to lift away the residue as you cleanse, or you may wish to first remove your makeup with The Pendulum Potion prior to a second cleanse with The Honey Mud.


I completely understand your concern and take the sourcing of this vital ingredient very seriously. Our raw honey comes from a local apiary where the honey is collected from the hives of bees that forage on unsprayed wildflowers. These bees are fat and happy off their own honey and are thriving - which contributes to the life and sustainability of the fields and flowers and surrounding wildlife and our ecosystem as a whole.


The raw, natural, total skin-food ingredients in this formula can occasionally separate, resulting in caramel colored streaking throughout. This is perfectly fine - simply give your jar a little stir with a clean spoon and it will restore to its pudding-like goodness.


***Raw Honey with Bee Pollen and Propolis, Kaolin (White Halloysite) Clay, *Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil, *Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel), Colloidal Silver, Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Oleoresin, *Citrus Sinensis (Sweet Orange) Oil, *Cananga Odorata (Ylang-Ylang) Oil, *Vanilla Planifolia (Vanilla) Co2 Total Essential Oil, *Juniperus Virginiana (Cedarwood) Oil, **Boswellia Serrate Gum (Frankincense) Oil, **Commiphora Myrrha (Myrrh) Oil


*Certified organic **Wild harvested ***Collected from unsprayed & unfertilized local California wildflowers

A Closer Look

***Raw Honey

*With Bee Pollen and Propolis

Colloidal Silver

Argentum Colloidal


Theobroma Cacao

*Sweet Orange

Citrus Sinensis (Sweet Orange) Oil


Vanilla Planifolia (Vanilla) Fruit C02 Extract


Juniperus Virginiana (Virginia Cedarwood) Oil
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My dear friends,

Over the years, you’ve all gotten to know me for my obsession with quality and service, and my dedication to our beautiful, life-filled, truly natural ingredients. It is an honor and a privilege to be entrusted with your care and I do not take this responsibility lightly.

Today, I’m writing to let you know we are temporarily ceasing sale of The Honey Mud.

Recently, we've found ourselves confronted very directly with the challenging side of what it means to be an uncompromisingly plant-based, natural brand. Working with the world’s freshest, direct-sourced, food-grade ingredients in their least processed and most potent state is our foundation and with this comes both the benefit of these live enzymes and rich nutrient activity, as well as the potential for this "activity" to result in rare instances of bloom or mild fermentation - the same as that can happen in any fresh, organic food. We have now observed this occurrence within certain batches of The Honey Mud in our lab, which brings us to this conversation.

We are investigating a theory that previously undetected, dormant microbes within clay can be brought to life when fed with the nourishment of our raw honey. We are implementing additional pre-screens on “inert” individual ingredients like clay to further expand our visibility into the invisible. Further, I am exploring subtle variations on this unique formula, dreaming of ways to make it not only more stable, but even more extraordinary and beautiful for the skin.

I realize that for many of you, The Honey Mud is a part of your treasured daily ritual, as it is for me. It breaks my heart to not be able to share this for some undefined period of time and I know some will be upset as there is no opportunity to stock up. As much as I want you to have this special treat in your world, I want more to be always worthy of your trust.

Stability, the "nature of nature", and what happens when something goes wrong is an important conversation that is often skipped over, but is vital to this community's understanding around natural formulation and the ongoing trials that come with it. My commitment to always embrace an open conversation with you has never been stronger and this moment will no doubt provide a catalyst for even greater innovation within our in-house production team and the work we do. The Honey Mud will be back and will be more glorious than ever before! :)

I'll be in touch as we progress and have news on an updated version of The Honey Mud's availability, but know that my responsibility and priority is to proceed with my research, reformulation, and testing with thoughtfulness and thoroughness, and not necessarily speed.

I welcome any questions. It is always important to me to be an open book, and no subject is dearer to my heart than that of our precious fresh ingredients and the dedicated loving care of YOU.

With love always,