the ritual for: Graceful Aging

the ritual for: Graceful Aging

Skin Concerns: Graceful Aging

1. Begin with The Pendulum Potion, massaging into dry skin. Wet hands and continue massage, then place our warm, damp, Facial Steam Cloth over face and neck. Press and repeat until skin is soft and cleansed before rinsing.

2. Every 2nd or 3rd day, introduce The Clean Dirt to brighten and stimulate collagen production. Check out this Instagram post for important tips to make the very most of your experience. Try blending with The Pendulum Potion for a nourishing alternative every other treatment.

3. 1-2x/weekly, indulge in a full treatment masque with The Problem Solver, waking up skin and encouraging cell turnover. Be sure to use enough powder to reach a rich, bubbling mousse consistency - at least ½ -1 true Tablespoon - blending with just shy of equal parts water. Watch a great demo video here.

4. Follow every cleansing or treatment with The Blue Cocoon and/or The Youth Dew. For extra nutrition, double up morning and night. Always massage both into WET skin directly following rinsing, while skin is still warm and most receptive.

5. Complete by saturating skin with The Jasmine Garden and continuing your massage. This game-changing formula enhances penetration and assimilation of everything that came before it, enabling the best possible absorption of both fat and water-soluble nutrients.

bonus tips

Eyes are both the window to our souls, and the magnifying glass revealing our life story. They deserve the gift of extraordinary care and attention.

The Blue Cocoon multi-tasks flawlessly as the most gorgeous eye treatment of all time. This azulene-rich beauty helps with inflammation, irritation, dehydration, reducing puffiness, diminishing dark circles, decreasing redness and hydrating this delicate area. I consider it my miracle potion!

Melt a small amount of The Blue Cocoon onto your fingertips and glide over the eye crescent morning and evening. This formula is safe even for lids and lashes, helping to heal and replenish. Bonus - The Blue Cocoon is beautiful for the lips as well.

You can also use a drop of The Youth Dew for the eye area and anywhere lines are developing. This is where the antioxidant superpowers of our Coenzyme Q10 really works its time-stopping magic.