The Dandelion Wand

gold dispensing tool

$205 / 2.25"
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Some things are purely for delight, to bring joy, to celebrate beauty, to remember our child self, our artist self, and an uncensored, judgment-free love of all things sparkly.

This pretty little wand is not a necessity. Yes, the gold (that's right, real gold!) keeps things nice and hygienic, but beyond that - our little wand is just dang cute and I feel playful and happy when I use it. So get on with your fancy self if this – or anything else a little "extra" – lights up your day. It's okay to enjoy!


Pair with:

the blue cocoon: beauty balm concentrate
Solid oil facial concentrate
enzyme & acid facial pudding

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Elevate your ritual and dispense your favorite potions hygienically, delighting in the cool and protective touch of solid brass cocooned in 22k gold.

Our hand numbered, special little golden treasure comes housed in a beautiful case with a reversible lid you can use for both storage and display.

Glide your wand over The Blue Cocoon, dip into The Honey Mud’s luscious pudding, and revel in sensorial bliss.

Chill and press rhythmically around painful breakouts or irritation, and over the fragile eye crescent to eliminate puffiness and savor cooling relief.

And then, just take your gleaming treasure into the sunshine and look at its beauty, golden in the warm rays. Our wand is a gratitude-filled celebration for the independent artists and makers of the world, those who remind us of the glory around and inside us.

Forged by skilled artisan hands here in Los Angeles, each exclusive, limited edition piece is the combined work of two family businesses and carries on a tradition of craftsmanship that spans centuries.