the ritual for: Finicky, Sensitive, & Post-trauma

the ritual for: Finicky, Sensitive, & Post-trauma

Skin Concerns: Finicky, Sensitive, & Post-trauma

1. If it feels good, skip a morning cleanser altogether, massaging instead with warm water only or The Jasmine Garden, or introduce The Facial Steam Cloth to cocoon skin with gentle love. Press and repeat until skin is soft and cleansed before rinsing.

2. Cleanse with The Pendulum Potion if wearing makeup, sunscreen, or are in need of a deeper clean.  (note: this gorgeous formula also doubles as a nourishing and hydrating body & hair oil!) Minimize excess product use in general to lessen stimulation as you heal.

3. Once weekly, introduce The Clean Dirt blended with The Pendulum Potion to slough away dead skin. Use enough formula to reach a mousse consistency and be gentle, but firm, in your massage.

4. Once weekly, treat with The Problem Solver. Be sure to use enough powder to reach a rich, bubbling mousse consistency - at least ½ -1 true Tablespoon - blending with just shy of equal parts water. Watch a great demo video here.

5. After every cleansing or treatment, follow with The Blue Cocoon as your star, massaging into warm, WET skin and any areas of sensitivity or suffering immediately following rinsing. Pair with The Youth Dew if seeking additional nutrition, antioxidant protection, and graceful-aging properties.

6. Complete with The Jasmine Garden to enhance penetration while cooling and relieving discomfort.

bonus tips

Imagine your delicate skin as that of a tiny, fresh-born baby and begin here. A new orientation for easily-offended or upset skin, and effective early soft tissue care post-trauma, is important to minimize scar formation or chronic redness, inflammation, and flare-ups.

Listen to your body. Touch your bare skin with receptive fingertips. Tune in to what is working and what you are forcing. It may be time to throw out everything you know (and possibly every product you’ve tried) and embrace a clean slate. Sometimes our skin needs a rest period with the least stimulus possible - a warm water massage and a touch of The Blue Cocoon may be enough for you in this chapter.

As we minimize and apply consciousness to our external care, it’s also time to look inside honestly at our stress levels, nutritional habits, and environmental factors. Our skin has a way of telling us when there is an imbalance somewhere along the line - this is important to honor, and not hide from. Be patient and kind with yourself and ask for help when you need it.