There was a mistake in my order, what should I do?

Please email us at your earliest convenience care@maylindstrom.com with your order number and any details and we’ll do everything we can to make it right. We look forward to the opportunity to bring you delight!

What is your return or exchange policy?

We want you to LOVE every element of your May Lindstrom Skin experience and we are committed to giving you our very best service. If you are not enamored with your selection, we do not wish for it to gather dust or disappointment. If you desire a return, we'll make the process as easy as possible. Click HERE to access our stress-less returns portal.

Please note:

* Any orders placed during gifting promotions where free product was received are not eligible for return or credit.

* The Chocolate Box and our digital gift card are not eligible for return or credit.

* We cannot process a return for products purchased through a retail partner. Refunds, exchanges, and store credit are available only for purchases made through maylindstrom.com.

* International shipping charges ($30 flat rate on orders under $200) are not eligible for refund.

Do you ship internationally?

We do! We’ve been shipping fresh from our kitchen lab all across the globe for over a dozen years, and we’ve perfected our process so you can shop with complete confidence, wherever you call home. 

All international packages ship via DHL Global Express.

International packages with a product total of over USD $200* ship FREE.

International packages with a product total under USD $200* ship with a $30 flat rate.

*prices will display in your local currency and are based on USD

Imagine if shopping internationally could feel as stressless and intimate as if we were just down the street. We’ve made this our mission, and our partnership with Global-E (an e-commerce sales facilitator) ensures you have a seamless experience with us, wherever you call home. Here’s how: 

All prices are shown in your localized currency. We cover the import duties - our gift to you - and your government taxes are calculated with consideration of your country’s local norms, with taxes and any additional fees presented at our checkout for an all-inclusive shopping experience. And with payment processing occurring in-country, there will be no international credit card processing fees. 

Our promise is predictability and EASE.

Note: No returns will be issued due to customs delays or holds beyond our control, nor for unclaimed packages.

If you wish to ship to Italy, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Peru, or Malaysia, please email care@maylindstrom.com so we may best assist you.

Am I able to view prices in my local currency?

Yes, our website displays purchase prices and checkout totals in your country’s local currency. If your local currency is not showing, maylindstrom.com features a flag icon in the upper right corner. Tap to select and view your local currency. 

If your flag is not a section option or if you have any questions, we welcome you to connect anytime at care@maylindstrom.com

I’d like to gift your products, can you help me make it extra special?

We love to be a part of your most celebratory moments, and it’s an honor to be given as a gift to someone you know will resonate with our treats.

Our goal is to make every single package delivered feel like the arrival of your favorite holiday, and we are always thrilled at the opportunity to go above and beyond.

In addition to selecting the “add gift box” option at the shopping cart page, we invite you to leave a note for us in the “LOVE NOTES, REVIEWS, OR SPECIAL REQUESTS” box with your recipient’s name and any special message.

We’ll handwrite your words on beautiful stationery and pack everything up with extra love and care. If there is anything more you have in mind that would make your gift even more extraordinary, do feel free to let us know!

Do you offer discounts?

Our unwavering promise has always been “better with every fresh batch.”

Our goal is to share the most beautiful, intimate, and extraordinary experience we can imagine, and we are unwavering in our commitment to you. In order to sustainably uphold our quality and care standard, we opt away from any financial structure that would leave us dependent upon heightened sales generated by temporary discounting.

We know that our collection is a real investment for many in our community, and we are always dreaming of new ways to take you deeper that we hope feel really good to say yes to. We’ve just introduced subscriptions (where your 6th recurring order is in on US - an approximate 17% savings!) and are currently building a generous rewards program for referrals when you share us with your friends.

Be sure you're receiving our newsletter - it's where you’ll learn about all the ways to go deeper with us and where we get to be the most generous in our gift offerings and surprises. We can’t wait to shower you in all the skin food love! 🤗

Is it safe to purchase your products on Amazon/eBay/or 3rd-party sellers?

We strongly advise you to avoid the purchase of any samples or full-size May Lindstrom Skin products listed on eBay, Amazon, or other third-party suppliers. 

We cannot vouch for the authenticity, safety, or freshness of any items purchased through unauthorized sellers.

To receive the very best of us, shop directly from our private Los Angeles kitchen lab at maylindstrom.com. Along with the freshest and most vibrant possible offerings for your skin, we offer free shipping options and a bonus gift of two deluxe minis or one premium mini of your choice with any full-sized product order.

Questions? Send us a note to care@maylindstrom.com. We are always here for you!

Product Questions

Where can I get samples? Do you sell travel sizes?

Experience the complete May Lindstrom Skin facial collection within The Chocolate Box. This gorgeously gift-wrapped curation contains seven deluxe minis, each fresh and potent treat held in refillable, light-protective amber glass. 

We also love to gift - and when you shop any of our full-size products fresh at maylindstrom.com, you receive your choice of 2 deluxe minis or 1 premium mini of your choice, on us. We can't wait to share our world with you!

Is it possible to have 2 Blue Cocoon minis? I’d love to share!

We are delighted to offer one premium mini (The Blue Cocoon) or two deluxe minis (your choice from the remainder of our collection) as a bonus gift along with any fresh, full-sized product order. 

We love that you want to share even more of The Blue Cocoon! While we have a limit of one free premium mini of this hero per order, you may experience (and gift!) the complete May Lindstrom Skin facial collection within The Chocolate Box. This gorgeously gift-wrapped curation contains seven deluxe minis (including our 5ml refillable glass pot of The Blue Cocoon), each fresh and potent treat held in refillable, light-protective amber glass. 

p.s. Thank you for wanting to spread the word about our special little world here! A referral program is coming soon (yaaaay!), and we can’t wait to make it even easier (and verrry rewarding!) for you to share our love with those you love. 🤗

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What is my product’s shelf life/expiration?

We advise a shelf life of one year from the time you open each new bottle or jar, and we encourage opening within six months of the date your individual treat was made. Every micro batch is prepared fresh in our studio for ultimate potency and dated for full transparency into our intimate process.

Under best conditions, each of our products can safely last well beyond this timeline, but we also recommend you view these treats like fresh food, indulging frequently once opened to enjoy the benefit of the highest possible level of nutrients and goodness. You can read more about our Freshness Promise HERE.

Are essential oils safe?

Essential oils are powerful tools and can function like medicine for the skin. As with all medicine, proper dosing is important. I use essential oils with total respect for ratio and balance to achieve formulas that are as safe as they are beautiful and effective. Equally important with essential oils is the source, quality and processing. Essential oils are commonly diluted or completely adulterated and this is a serious issue - and one of the reasons we sometimes see general incompatibility issues. Often, a client is responding to the adulterant, and when switching to a pure source, finds complete compatibility. Ingredients are our very foundation and the source of my greatest pride and joy in my work. We are committed to the painstaking process of securing the very best, freshest, and completely authentic and skin-compatible plants, oils, and minerals in the world, with no compromise for scarcity or cost. Read more about the sourcing and purpose behind each of our unique ingredients here: Our Ingredients

Should I refrigerate my products?

We encourage you to store our fresh goodies thoughtfully in a cool, stable environment in their light-protective original packaging and use within one year of opening. Beyond this, there is no special care needed. While not required, The Blue Cocoon and The Jasmine Garden are both gorgeous chilled for an extra anti-inflammatory treat. I keep doubles on hand, especially in the warmer months!

How long until I see results?

We encourage our clients to be consistent for at least 90 days with our collection. Changes in skin happen over time, and when working with the body as a whole, and not just your product regime.

It’s important to remember as well that skin likes consistency and change can freak it out - whether moving from conventional to new conventional or from conventional to natural. It can take time to find your natural rhythm, as well as to find your ideal fit. There is an expectation that we see often when clients are transitioning that the very first natural face oil or cleanser they reach for be “the one.” And when the sky doesn’t open up and angels start singing, they toss in the towel entirely, writing off natural skincare as something that “didn’t work for them.” I could go pick up 50 different conventional skincare products today, and 45 wouldn’t work for me - the same is true of natural skincare. Try to let go of the expectation that every product is going to be a hit. It won’t. Just as it took years for you to find your current favorites, it will take time to find new products, ingredients, and brands that resonate with you as an individual in this exact moment in time. Be patient and gentle with yourself and do reach out for help. We are here for you!

Do you sell a spatula for the blue cocoon & the honey mud?

Yes! I am incredibly happy to share The Dandelion Wand with you! Be sure to watch the incredible “making of” video we shot with our local gold artisans to see just how special this treasure is.

Is your collection safe for pregnancy & children?

Our entire collection is safe for pre-conception, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and beyond. These are the perfect treats to keep in your skincare arsenal as you navigate the hormone fluctuations and skin concerns that go right along with this powerful time. See our ritual recommendations for this chapter HERE.

I’m also happy to share that many sweet little ones have become fans of our yummy treats. The Blue Cocoon is invaluable in my own baby emergency kit. This gorgeous formula is incredibly soothing for delicate skin and on any areas of irritation - perfect to keep on hand for cuts, sunburns, scrapes, bug bites, diaper rashes, eczema, cradle cap, and all manner of normal childhood ouchies! :).

Do your products contain wheat, soy, or dairy?

The entire collection is soy, dairy, wheat, and gluten-free. You can find the complete INCI listing of all ingredients for each product on its individual product page.  

Do all of your ingredients carry organic certification?

We take great care in sourcing all-natural ingredients of the absolute highest quality we can find, and then ensuring their freshness and potency is delivered beautifully in the final product. Not all ingredients we procure can be certified organic - such as clays and salts. Sometimes there is an even higher quality available to us than “organic,” which is the case with some of our best-sourced wild harvested plants.

In other cases, we believe in building relationships with small farms or operations that cannot afford the rigorous process of receiving official certification, but that do grow their plants ethically and with environmental consciousness, free of pesticides and fertilizers. These are technically organically-grown ingredients, but the documentation on these harvests would not allow us to claim the specifically-regulated words, “Organic Certified” on our label.

Our commitment is to bring you the best of the best, and being Certified Organic is not always the absolute win in this regard. If you have questions regarding the source or quality of a particular ingredient, please do reach out to us anytime at care@maylindstrom.com. We are always proud and happy to share its unique story.

Are your products vegan? Do you test on animals?

Our ingredients are not tested on animals, nor are our finished products. We do not sell in any countries that require animal testing. We do not have a parent company - these recipes, and every element of this collection, are ours alone. There is no outside factory or lab, or even distribution center. We have a dedicated team that works from principles of ingredients integrity and consciousness for our planet and its creatures, as well as the wellbeing and care of our May Lindstrom Skin family.

Our entire collection is vegan, with the exception of The Honey Mud, which contains raw honey. We source this gorgeous healer from a local apiary who follows sustainable practices, honoring the health of their bees.

Note that even our treatment brush is vegan, with the bristles made from high quality, Taklon fibers. The handle is sustainable wood and the ferrule is recycled aluminum.

We do our best to integrate conscious and loving choices into every element of our business and welcome the opportunity for further growth and dialogue.

General Customer Service

Are you open to the public?

While we are delighted to ship our goodies straight to your door, fresh from our private studio, we are not currently open to visitors. We hope to at some point offer services or shopping by appointment, along with fun events and opportunities to connect in person. Building a community of care, connection, and celebration sounds like a fun goal! In the meantime, we are happy to ship to your home - quick, super-fresh, and easy! 

Do you have a phone number I can call into?

We currently offer our best and most thorough care over email. We are hoping to add chat, phone, and video consult options soon! Human connection is at the very core of what we do, and we are excited to go deeper in our ability to serve your needs. We always want you to experience the very best of us, and we will do all we can to care for you, wherever you are in the world.

Bottles & jars - do you sell refills or have a “take back” program?

We love the idea of refills, but the realities are a little tricky for our collection. We've seen this done successfully by some of our beauty heroes (LOVE the Kjaer Weis packaging!), but it is definitely easier to institute refill options beautifully for certain cosmetics.

There is a legal aspect that is often not adhered to in refill packaging. European regulations for skincare importation require extensive testing of all products, along with very detailed labeling requirements. Our products must be tested for stability and safety in the final container - in our case, our light-protective Miron glass. If we sell an option outside of this, we must undergo the same testing procedures, and these options must also adhere to our quality standard. We have yet to discover refill packets that would meet our ideals (checking the boxes of: environmentally safe, sturdy, non-leaching, no plastic, and still clearly beautiful) that also protects our fresh-made formulas.  

Our delicate oils maintain their highest integrity when housed in dark protective glass, something we have been very committed to from day one. Our powder formulas are a bit more flexible, but do still keep their vibrancy and freshness best in light filtering containers - the same as your herbs and spices do at home. Powder formulations are also incredibly messy to transfer into new containers. In our experiments, and when taking feedback from the clients we've had test our initial efforts, it's simply too much work and not a sanitary process. The opening of The Clean Dirt is too narrow to make a transfer of powder to bottle easy as it requires a very small funnel, which most individuals would not have at home. The Problem Solver is much easier as it is has a large opening, but the pouring of the powder into the jar creates a lot of mess and dust - and it's a dark, charcoal and spice-infused dust that makes for a very sneezy filling experience. :)

Many of our clients come to our collection yearning for a bit of luxury and presentation to go along with our commitment to body and planet-positive ingredients and efficacious formulas. Our promise is to deliver an enjoyable experience in every aspect of your ritual, and we find ourselves having to navigate our desire to continue researching solutions and innovating around our dedication to our Earth as we also uphold our commitment to offer the most special, intimate, and truly indulgent experience we can imagine.

The best thing to do is reuse our packaging on your own, recycling at the end of its lifecycle. We have many clients who keep our jars and bottles for holding odds and ends in the bathroom - qtips, bobbypins, and cotton balls, DIY blends - or items in the kitchen. Our bottles are perfect for different oils, vinegar, honey, and so on, keeping nutrition intact far longer than ingredients held in clear or brown glass, or any kind of plastic. The jars are great for keeping spices super fresh and beautiful.

Have you tried using the bottles for cut flowers? They stay vibrant so much longer! One of our clients posted this on her instagram a while back:


Cool, right? :)

We truly appreciate your efforts to reuse and recycle - this is such an important message to celebrate and embrace.

Do you still create bespoke formulas or can a product be modified for me?

Unfortunately, my schedule does not currently allow additional time for the intensive focus needed for thoughtful bespoke formulation or to create customized versions of existing products. This said, there are so many ways to mix and match and play to ultimately adapt each piece of my current collection to meet most needs gracefully. If you ever have any questions or would like personalized guidance into your ritual, do reach out anytime.

Can you share the significance of the dandelion in your logo?

Dandelions are what childhood wishes are made on, and I love the whimsy of that. As a country girl from Minnesota, I spent infinite hours gathering dandelions, making crowns with their flowers, salads with their leaves, and romancing endless dreams and wishes made on seeds, spiraling through the summer air. To gild this icon in gold, place it on a bottle that is designed to be a catalyst for connection and care - it just made sense on every level. Decisions made from my child-eyes always turn out to be the good ones.

Skin Ritual Questions

What are your favorite products for travel? Can I bring everything on-board with me?

The Blue Cocoon, The Youth Dew, and The Jasmine Garden have been my on-board skin saviors during even the longest travels all over the world. Be a little extra generous in your application of this trio before you fly, and your time in the air ends up being like a mini moisture treatment! I keep these three right in my purse, refreshing skin as needed throughout the flight.

When you have settled into your destination, smoothe on a rich layer of The Honey Mud and step into a steamy shower to cleanse and reset, rinsing as a last step.  Slip into bed, misting The Jasmine Garden lightly on your pillow before sleep to establish familiarity and take advantage of jasmine’s sedative effects, grounding you for a perfect rest. The following morning, awaken skin with The Clean Dirt, sweeping away dead cells and giving you a fresh start in the new day.

Note: The entire current collection is TSA-approved for checked luggage. Our core facial collection, which excludes the 200 ml Happy Galaxy, is approved to take directly onboard your flight (placing The Youth Dew, The Jasmine Garden, and The Pendulum Potion with your other liquids in a ziplock bag).

I’m new to “green” beauty - any advice on dissecting labels?

Ignore the front of the box and any marketing jargon and go straight to the complete (and not just *featured*) ingredients listing. This is where the fun starts! Much of conventional skincare is filler and fluff and perfume and colorants. When you enter the natural beauty world, it’s like discovering a new universe - I believe ingredients decks should read like a yummy food label and each addition should serve a clear and understandable purpose. Over time, you’ll learn what your skin loves and what it doesn’t. I also encourage you to reach out to the brands you are exploring personally - we love to help guide individual clients into personalized rituals that will resonate with their unique needs and answer any questions they stumble upon along the way. It’s so important to have a human connection over something as intimate as skin.

“Going green” is daunting to do all at once. Where should I start?

My first advice is simply to let it be fun! Sometimes we feel like if we don’t ditch everything and have a full-life makeover along with this product switch-up that we have failed somehow. You haven’t. Take a deep breath and start with what excites you. It’s logical to go with the largest expanse of skin and swap out body wash and head-to-toe moisturizer, but I say only do this if the idea thrills you. Your first purchase should be one you long for - one you can’t wait to get home to each night and to start your day with each morning. From here, you will naturally blossom into the other pieces as you do your research, evolving at the speed that works for both your personal comfort zone and finances.

I also want to note that more often than not clients come to me from both conventional skincare, and from natural skincare, with complexions that are overstressed, highly sensitized, and exhausted - nearly always from overloading on too many products. As you shift your attention to products that will resonate more intuitively with your natural self, resist the temptation to overload on everything and start the cycle again. Clearing out the excess leaves you with the physical and mental space to be open to introducing new products that feed you in all the right ways.

After you’ve started the love-fest with a couple picks from the “lust” side of your list to get you motivated, prioritize the discovery and exchange of those items that stay on your skin - your largest organ drinks up whatever you apply to it. Full body lotions, creams, and oils absolutely must be pure and healthy. Your scalp is the single most absorbent portion of your body, so ending any hair-dye habits and adopting a good clean shampoo and conditioner is important. My current favorite haircare is made by Innersense Organic Beauty

Once you've cut out and replaced the big trouble spots and been properly wooed with the goodies that drew you into this space, it is time to focus on your skin goals so you can achieve the results that will keep you on this beautiful path long-term. This is clearly where we come in! Visit our “Explore Skin Rituals” portal as a great starting point to discover step-by-step routines designed to address an abundance of skin goals and challenges. If you’d like further personalized guidance, reach out anytime to care@maylindstrom.com.

Are all non-natural/synthetic ingredients bad for the skin? What about something like retinol?

My personal philosophy is that all-natural wins over a cocktail of synthetics when it comes to our skin. I can't help but think of this like food and ask the question of what I'd like my skin and body to drink up. It's important to remember that this is quite literally what is happening when we adorn our largest and most vulnerable organ in our chosen products. I make very conscious decisions at the grocery store for myself and my family, and I make those same decisions in our cleansing and bathing rituals.

We’ve been able to achieve incredible results in even the most challenging skin conditions with our formulas. I encourage you to explore the step-by-step routines found HERE to address everything from acne to eczema to post-cancer care.

For personalized guidance, reach out anytime to care@maylindstrom.com. If you love your retinol, acids, or other conventional treatments - wonderful! We’d love to work alongside you to support your skin’s longterm health and integrity as you work towards your goals with these additions.

If I am currently using a retinol, can I use this with your collection?

Yes, absolutely! If you are happy with the retinol protocol you are on, my collection works in full support of your results. The Blue Cocoon is our first choice to pair with retinoids, and is a favorite of countless clients and many estheticians and dermatologists who incorporate it into their treatments and after-care recommendations. There is lots more to explore here to provide you the nourishment and support your skin needs as it moves through the healing chapters ahead. Please do reach out anytime care@maylindstrom.com and we can be at your side to guide you through step by step in this evolution.

There’s been lots of conflict around the use of essential oils in skincare lately - can you share on this?

There is so much information (and often misinformation) available about essential oils out in the world and online that it can be hard to know who or what to trust. A conflicting dialog is particularly common - the potential cons of these incredibly diverse ingredients are talked about in general terms by those who then have no issue prescribing retinoids, acids, and other highly sensitizing treatments. We all have our biases, every expert has their own opinion, and there is often much conflict between who wins in these arguments. I am personally a big proponent of the power and medicinal qualities of well-sourced, properly processed essential oils and have seen extraordinary results using them in my formulas over my history with many thousands of clients.

The big culprit that I run into over and over is not about essential oils as a whole, but about each one’s particular aspects as a unique plant, as well as the individual quality and ratio within a formula. Sourcing of true, unadulterated, undiluted essential oils has become incredibly challenging - it’s the sole role of one deeply valued team members and also where I put an incredible amount of my own time, resources, and energy.

While literally anyone can buy “essential oils” nearly everywhere online, the quality of what is readily available on the common market is terrible and very often not even close to what may be represented on the label. Adulteration, dilution, improper labeling, and misrepresentation of quality or type of processing, as well as genus species, is prevalent. There is little to no regulation on what is sold, and essentially zero enforcement. This is a pandemic issue and one that is rarely talked about. You may think you are sensitive to essential oils after reacting to a natural product, when the case may actually be that you are responding to that particular source, quality, or (often unknown even to the brand) undisclosed ingredient within that “essential oil.”

Should you ever wish to learn more about any particular ingredient we use, you can explore this page, as well as reach out anytime to go deeper care@maylindstrom.com. Ingredients are our greatest pride and joy; the foundation of our commitment to you, and we are always thrilled to have the opportunity to talk more about how we are raising our own quality standard and ultimately, spotlighting this important conversation.

I have heard you do not wear sunscreen, is this true?

I absolutely believe in using sun protection and am a proponent of finding your best fit from makers committed to safe and effective formulation.

I personally avoid conventional sunscreens entirely due to my own sensitivity to a number of ingredients they traditionally contain. Given my own circumstances, I most often blend zinc powder with The Blue Cocoon during my morning ritual to make customizable protection I can adapt to my own exposure for that particular day. Intuitive and simple for me after years of experience with this method, admittedly tricky and not recommended for most.

If I’m heading to the beach on vacation and don’t want to mess with it, I’ll happily grab what’s available - Josh Rosebrook’s SPF creams are great, as is Coola, though I’ll often just pick up an easy tube of Badger during my Whole Foods shopping trip. I have two very fair and sun-sensitive children (and a husband to match!) so there has to be simple, go-to options for them at all times.

I’m still compiling my favorite’s list to share with all of you. Email us anytime at care@maylindstrom.com and we can always help you on your search.

What is your personal self-care ritual?

I do my best to practice what I preach, and here is the most common advice I give: Eat the rainbow. Move your body. Breathe. Romance yourself to the point of blushing. Know that you are beautiful. Beauty is a reflection of your inner self - prioritize your own deliciousness, and be truly, fully, authentically You. Be sure that you create time to rest your body and your mind, to play and encourage opportunity for learning and joy, to share yourself fully with others and also to embrace moments of time alone. When we are happy and intimately immersed in our world, our beauty cannot help but shine through.

And if you want to peek at what the skincare-specific element of self-care is for me, my personal cleansing ritual is explored in full HERE.


How do I set up a Ritual Renewal subscription?

We’ve made this an EASY win. To set up your Ritual Renewal:

1. Navigate to the page of the specific product you’d like to subscribe to.

2. Select “Ritual Renewal” near the “add to cart” button.

3. Choose your delivery frequency. (our timing recommendations are included for ease - you can make changes anytime).

4. Click “add to cart” and proceed through checkout.

*The Ritual Renewal option will display on product pages where a subscription is offered. Please note that not all products in our collection are available as a Ritual Renewal service.

Will I still get deluxe minis with my Ritual Renewal orders?

To receive your choice of deluxe minis as a bonus gift with your Ritual Renewal delivery, you must log in to make your selections.*

Clicking “Choose your bonus minis” will take you to a second page where you may select either one premium mini or two deluxe minis to enjoy.

*If no minis or changes are desired, no action is required. Your Ritual Renewal Delivery will occur automatically at the pre-selected cadence and will contain only the subscribed product.

When will I receive my product?

Your first order will ship from our kitchen lab the following business day (M-F). For subsequent deliveries, your order will be placed automatically at your selected frequency. For example, if you select every 4 weeks, you order will be placed 28 days following your first order. It will then be processed and leave our kitchen lab the following business day, arriving on your doorstep 3-5 business days later.

When will I receive my free 6th order?

Following five recurring orders, your 6th order of the same product will arrive free of charge at the regular delivery cadence you've selected.

You may make changes to your order anytime by logging in.

Can I change my order frequency?

Yes! This service is for YOU, and you may log in to customize and make changes to your deliveries anytime.*

You may also connect with us at care@maylindstrom.com if you have questions or desire further support.

*Please allow 3-5 business days for shipping once we've processed your order.

Can I add a product to my Ritual Renewal?

Of course! Making a one time add-on to your Ritual Renewal purchase is easy.

Log in, then make your product selection(s) in the banner marked 'Add items to your next delivery.’ We’ll tuck everything into your next shipment for you.

To add another product as a recurring subscription, navigate to that item and select Ritual Renewal before proceeding to checkout as usual. You may then modify each product's delivery cadence to fit your ideal schedule anytime.

Can I receive The Good Stuff in Ritual Renewal?

The Good Stuff is crafted in small batches and offered only for limited special release. It is not currently available as a Ritual Renewal option. When in stock, you are welcome to shop à la carte or add it as a one time add-on to your recurring delivery.

How do I cancel or pause a Ritual Renewal subscription?

If you wish to take a break from deliveries for any reason but may desire to restart your Ritual Renewal service at a later time, we recommend you pause rather than cancel.

To do either, log into your account and scroll to the bottom, right side of the page to confirm your choice. You may also connect with us at care@maylindstrom.com anytime for support.

Are my Ritual Renewal shipments eligible for "gifts with purchase" or other cart value-based promotions?

You'll enjoy a generous automatic 17% savings over the course of six deliveries through your Ritual Renewal subscription. Due to the already built-in savings, any Ritual Renewal orders that occur during a promotion will not count toward the cart value to receive a “gift with purchase.”

We welcome you to take part in any bonus celebratory offers you’re excited to say YES to. To do this, ensure you are outside the subscription portal, where you can add à la carte items from your wishlist to your standard (non-subscription) cart to qualify.

Is Ritual Renewal available internationally?

Our Ritual Renewal program is available to clients within the United States. 

We are working to expand our subscription offerings for our international clientele, and any updates and fun news will be shared in our community newsletter. Until then, we welcome you to shop fresh at maylindstrom.com at the cadence that feels perfect to you, and we’ll ship to you fast and easy every time you’re ready for a refresh or to discover new favorites. 


How do I create an account?

Use this link to create an account. For the best experience, please set yourself up using the email address you've historically used when shopping with us.

How do I earn reward credits?

It’s easy! Reward credits are associated with the email address you use to checkout and are earned by reaching specific thresholds in a single purchase.

Purchases of $150 to $299 receive $15 in rewards
Purchases of $300 to $449 receive $40 in rewards
Purchases of $450 and above receive $65 in rewards

Rewards will become visible in your account following your purchase and can then be used on any future order.

More ways to earn reward credits are in the works, so be sure you’re signed up for our mailing list, and we’ll be in touch with all the fun to come!

Do I have to pay to join the rewards program?

These rewards are our gift to you in gratitude for your loyalty. It is free to join in!

Are reward credits available Internationally?

Yes! We love to love on you with all the extra wherever you call home.

Your reward credits will be presented in USD until you click to apply them at checkout, at which point they will be converted to your local currency.

How can I view my rewards balance?

You can easily view your rewards balance by logging into your account here.

How do I redeem my rewards?

When you are logged into your account [login here], credits can be easily redeemed using a button at checkout.

You can also view your rewards code by logging into your account, selecting 'rewards and credit balance,' and then copying your 16 character rewards code and pasting it into your cart at checkout.

How long will my reward credits last?

Reward credits earned from this program expire 120 days after the qualifying purchase date. Rewards that have been gifted as part of a promotion may expire sooner.

Are there any excluded products?

Yes. Gift card purchases do not apply.

How are reward credits calculated?

The value for reward calculation is based on the paid order total.

The value of “gifts with purchase” or any other discounts are not included in the order total.

Gift cards purchased do not earn rewards credit.

Can I redeem my reward credits during “gifts with purchase” or other cart value-based promotions?

Yes! Your reward credits are yours to use at checkout as a valid form of payment (similar to the way you’d use a gift card). You may redeem your rewards even if you are also receiving a gift with your purchase, or other discounts or promotional items.

Can I redeem my reward credits on a Ritual Renewal subscription?

When you first sign up for a Ritual Renewal subscription, you can apply any earned rewards to your initial purchase at checkout.  However, because Ritual Renewal has its own built-in reward (your 6th order is free, locking in an approximate 17% savings across deliveries!), we aren’t able to apply future rewards to your Ritual Renewal subscription service.

You will, however, still earn rewards on your qualifying Ritual Renewal purchases, which you can then use at your convenience on any à la carte product that isn’t shipping as part of your Ritual Renewal program.

Can I redeem my reward credits on a gift card purchase?

Reward credits can be applied toward any of our full-size products or accessories.  They are not redeemable for a gift card purchase.

I’ve bought products with more than one email address at maylindstrom.com. Can I combine reward credits from all my email accounts?

Your rewards are associated with your email address. They can easily be used when you are logged into your account (log in here), and redeemed at checkout.

If you have rewards under an incorrect email address, connect with our Care Team for support at care@maylindstrom.com.

What happens to my reward credits if I return a product or my order is canceled?

If you choose to make a return, the reward you receive from an order will automatically be canceled and deducted from your rewards balance once your item has been refunded.

If you return part of your order, but not all of it, the rewards deducted from your rewards balance will be calculated according to the updated amount of the purchase after the refund.