the ritual for: Autoimmune & Health Challenged

the ritual for: Autoimmune & Health Challenged

Skin Concerns: Autoimmune & Health Challenged

1. Begin with The Honey Mud. Swirl into damp skin to cleanse or dry skin for a healing treatment. If it feels good, skip a morning cleanser altogether, massaging instead with warm water only or simply a generous misting of The Jasmine Garden, finishing with The Blue Cocoon.

2. Cleanse with The Pendulum Potion if wearing makeup, sunscreen, or are in need of a deeper clean. Minimize excess product use in general to lessen stimulation as you heal.

3. Once weekly, introduce The Clean Dirt blended with The Honey Mud to slough away dead skin. Use enough of each formula to reach an opaque mousse consistency and be gentle, but firm, in your massage.

4. Once weekly, treat with The Problem Solver. Again, blend with The Honey Mud as desired, gently encouraging cell turnover.

5. After every cleansing or treatment, follow with The Blue Cocoon as your star, massaging into warm, WET skin and any areas of sensitivity or suffering immediately following rinsing. Pair with The Youth Dew if seeking additional nutrition and antioxidant protection.

6. Complete with The Jasmine Garden to enhance penetration while cooling and relieving discomfort.

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The Honey Mud

gentle enzyme cleanse & masque


The Blue Cocoon

beauty balm concentrate


The Jasmine Garden

botanical facial mist


The Problem Solver

warming correcting masque


bonus tips

It’s time to chill in every way. Inflamed skin surges with heat and both our physical and emotional conditions exacerbate this. Breathe deep, and move into a space of calm.

I encourage you to keep a second set of The Blue Cocoon and The Jasmine Garden in the refrigerator at all times, especially if you are in the hospital. These two are lifesavers when both your conditions, and their often-intensive treatments and medications, bring on hot flashes, fevers, flare-ups, and all degrees of uncomfortable temperature fluctuations.

Before bed, mist your pillow with The Jasmine Garden, grounding you for rest and creating a space of familiarity. Massage The Blue Cocoon directly into your heart, and from your solar plexus to your throat. Let yourself feel everything hiding deep in these areas without judgment or trying to shift or change anything. Stay in the discomfort as it evolves. Acknowledge the texture of your skin, how it feels to be touched. Let this moment be fully yours.