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Walking into our private Los Angeles kitchen lab, you’d swear you’d entered the back door of an active bakery, the air rich and swirling with heady cacao and honey, sweet spices, and surprise elements of wood, smoke, citrus, and herbs. Your ears would buzz with whirling mixers and giggles as big pots are stirred and precious droplets of exotic blue tansy, helichrysum, frankincense, and myrrh are counted.

This vibrant scene might read as straight out of a fantasy, but it’s the intimate and special reality of our day-to-day operations here at May Lindstrom Skin. Our incredible in-house team brings buckets of love, passion, and dedication to our craft. We are obsessive about what we do here - and how we do it - and it is our true honor to share our magical world with you.

the kitchen

The story of our unique formulas begins in this room. The kitchen is the heart of every home, and this is certainly true for our chosen family. Here is where we gather over fresh ingredients, share stories and inspiration for new ideas, and express thoughts on how to continue raising the bar in our work with every batch. Our fresh skin treats are born within these walls, coming together from the choice harvests of this great planet’s bounty and the intimate focus of each soul behind the apron.

Each unique plant and mineral is meticulously sourced and vetted before landing at our front door to be inspected and approved, and any unique traits to that fresh delivery are recorded. There is no outsourcing, purchased base formulas, reworked generics, or shortcuts. Every bottle and jar has our eyes and hands on it and our hearts within it. Each has its own birthday, a moment of pride and celebration as the “born-on” label is affixed for full transparency into our small-batch process.

the workshop

Receiving mail from us feels goooood. We believe every package that arrives on your doorstep should feel like your favorite holiday. When opening your impeccably-presented box for the very first time, and each bottle and jar for every use to follow, we aim to deliver total delight and glee.

Our team treats each of your orders as the precious gifts they are, for the precious human you are. From the perfect placement of handwritten notes and meticulously tied satin ribbon, to the plush bed of protection each piece of our collection is cocooned into for safe travels, obsessive dedication is given to every fine detail.

the care team

“You are worthy of extraordinary care.” These words are written inside every package we share and are the foundation holding all we do here. Our beloved “Care Bears” have a clear and powerful role within our family as they uphold the promise behind this affirmation. We intend to always show up with warmth, generosity, and kindness, to listen to your skin stories, and provide you with the absolute best and most informed guidance we can muster as humans who genuinely care about your care.

Skin is personal, and each integral service team member has their own story and motivation to be here, offering their one-on-one support to you. With skin histories ranging from severe acne, eczema, rosacea, and perioral dermatitis, to the devastating effects of chemotherapy, Lupus, and a multitude of autoimmune, hormonal, and gut disorders, we’ve been in your shoes and are here to walk beside you.

Say hello at care@maylindstrom.com!🤗

the open door

Our team comprises dreamers, do-ers, lovers, customer service folks, shippers, mixers, movers, makers, and more.

We’re an intentionally-small club of kindred spirits, and together, we punch well above our weight. It’s an honor to do what we do every day and a pleasure to do it as a chosen family.

For more about how we work, check out our culture guide.

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