the ritual for: Dehydrated & Dry

the ritual for: Dehydrated & Dry

Skin Concerns: Dehydrated & Dry

1. Begin with The Pendulum Potion. Massage into dry skin. Wet hands and continue massage, then place a warm, steamy towel over face and neck. Press and repeat until skin is soft and cleansed before rinsing.

2. Follow with The Honey Mud. Either swirl into damp skin as a gentle milk cleanser or smooth richly over dry skin for a luscious hydration treatment.

3. Every 2nd or 3rd day, introduce The Clean Dirt to release dry, dead skin. Blend with The Honey Mud on days you feel delicate. Use enough formula to reach a mousse consistency and be gentle, but firm, in your massage.

4. 1-2x/weekly, treat with The Problem Solver, waking up skin and encouraging cell turnover.

5. Follow every cleansing or treatment with The Blue Cocoon and/or The Youth Dew. For extra nutrition, double up morning and night. Always massage both into WET skin. Skip your towel and go directly from rinsing to oils, while skin is still warm and most receptive.

6. Follow with The Jasmine Garden to enhance penetration, delivering another layer of hydration. The sandwiching effect of water-oil-water is a must for dry complexions.

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The Honey Mud

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The Clean Dirt

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The Blue Cocoon

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The Jasmine Garden

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bonus tips

It’s tempting when feeling dry to just layer product on top of product on top of more product. However, this can interrupt your skin’s own ability to regulate itself, further contributing to the challenge. We encourage you to instead minimize your ritual and make each step count.

Do your best to move away from products that strip the skin or disrupt your delicate acid mantle, leaving you tight and uncomfortable. Think twice about stronger treatments that sensitize skin over time. Your complexion will still be here next year and 5, 10, and 20 years from now. Nourish it accordingly.

Dryness and dehydration in our skin is often the result of our lifestyle and environmental factors. Let this be a gentle reminder to give love to our internal self, focusing on nutrition and adequate hydration (good fats and a plentitude of water in every season are non-negotiable), as well as making small changes that can create big impact like introducing a water filter in your shower and sleeping with a humidifier on.