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*Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil, **Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Prunus Domestica (Plum Kernel) Oil, *Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Oil, *Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Oil, **Hippophae Rhamnoides (Sea Buckthorn) Fruit Oil, Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa Absolute) Oil, *Cananga Odorata (Ylang-Ylang) Oil, **Rosa Centifolia Flower Extract, *Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil, Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide, +Linalool, +Citronellol, +Geraniol, +Farnesol, +Benzyl Benzoate, +Limonene, +Benzyl Salicylate, +Eugenol.


*Certified Organic +Component of Essential Oil

“Heaven in a bottle. I recently discovered May's products, and they're so sexy and indulgent. The Good Stuff has become my new holy grail product for my skin, hair, nails, everywhere. The fragrance is very rich, like dark chocolate without being too sweet. And it has a gold shimmer to it that just makes everything it touches glow like it's lit from within. May described it to me as ' lingerie without fabric ' and she is so right. Just using it makes me feel sexy, and my skin has never felt softer. I also highly recommended her Honey Mud cleanser, Blue Cocoon, and Problem Solver mask. The entire line is like a religious experience.”

“…oh my lord-it smells amazing! …thank you for this bottle of bliss!”

“This is the most indispensable summer product I have. It makes my body look instantly tanned and glowy, with a divine scent and not too oily. It sinks in perfectly. An amazing product.”

“…it never fails to delight the senses and make me feel completely feminine, attractive and over-indulged (in a good way) Ha!”

“The scent is unique and wraps me in a bubble of serenity, it grounds me and makes me in touch with my femininity and subtle self. My skin is feeling gorgeously soft and delicately glowing. The sight of the gold oil spilling out of the bottle is already a healer.”

“I am a tough critic when it comes to body oils. While my skin is dry (so body oils should work well) I usually find that oils are too thick or don't absorb very well, so I often end up avoiding them.
This is easily one of the best body oils I have used in my life - not only does it absorb instantly, it leaves my skin hydrated, soft and glowing thanks to the mica found in the formula. This is a must have for me during summer months, because it always leaves my legs and arms looking and feeling about a 100x better. The price is...a lot, admittedly, but you do get a large quantity for what you pay for. If you're okay spending the money, I'd highly recommend this - your skin will thank you.”

“Smells insanely delicious. Thanks TDM for the tip on mixing it with coconut oil.”

“When I use your products, especially The Good Stuff and The Youth Dew, I feel like the experience is so much like what they were doing over 2000 years ago - everything from storing the precious oils in beautifully made vessels, mixing potions in ceramic bowls and even many of the ingredients you use, to the potency of the scents and ritual importance that perfumed oils also had.”

“Smells like heaven. Sinks in quick. Not greasy. I've used this in my hair when I'm too lazy to melt my monoi oil for my hair as a pre-oil treatment before showering (my other #1 for body oils thanks to my upbringing in Polynesian dancing) and this has really worked wonders on the one half of my hair that is damaged and dry due to bleaching. And also, if your significant other wants to be nice and give you a massage, this works really great too.”

“This is the very last May Lindstrom Skin treasure that I purchased as I'm usually using body oils that are far cheaper than this and I'm really happy with them, so I didn't want to spend a lot of money for an oil, but... Well, this takes you to another level. A dreamy, luxurious texture that is easily absorbed by the skin, leaving it deeply nourished an d incredibly soft throughout the day, not to mention the intoxicating but not overwhelming scent.
Using it on a very damp, almost wet skin will make you use less of this precious concoction, without affecting the results.”

“The Good Stuff is out of this world! I made my boyfriend smell it and he said it smells like a garden. Who wouldn't want to smell like a garden?!”

“When it's about body oils I'm such a "nerd". I collect body oils since ages and from many American organic luxury brands and i only use this type of product if I really want to give the best to my skin, as i truly believe that water free cosmetics are more effective and penetrate first on the skin.
The Good stuff is really good...a marriage between cocoa and flowery smell without being odd or too old fashioned. The smell is really lovely and last enough to stay calm and feel the cozy fragrance (only made by pure essential oils). I’m really sensitive and this body treatment did only amazing things. Gives a shimmery glow (thanks to the mica) to add extra luxury. From May's range this is my favourite product :) and the best body oil I’ve tried. Highly recommended.”

“This body oil is pure indulgence. I use it very sparingly. It smells so heavenly, so feminine, yet not sickly sweet or too floral. Just perfect, to my nose anyway. It's light yet rich. Sinks in quickly yet moisturizes deeply. It contains mica, so it'll add a subtle shimmer, that's never too much. It's so luxurious.”

“…nothing makes me feel as beautiful as this priceless potion.”

about the good stuff


    The Good Stuff is gorgeously safe and effective everywhere - including the face, neck and decollete. The subtle golden shimmer adds a beautiful glow to the complexion, and is so pretty when used to highlight cheek and brow bones, and add light to clavicle and shoulders.
    This beautiful formula contains ingredients of the same uncompromising quality as our other treats, as I believe every inch of our body deserves the very best care and attention. Indulge freely head to toe!
    Note, however, that for long term benefit, I encourage you to prioritize inclusion of The Blue Cocoon and The Youth Dew in your daily facial care ritual - these formulas are specifically formulated to target the unique needs of delicate facial skin.


    Oh, yes! The Good Stuff is incredible for hair, providing total nourishment and goodness. A few drops smoothed through locks conditions, adds luster and sends you off into the world softly emanating the dreamiest of scents. You can apply to dry hair - a tiny bit swept through to control flyaways and add shine and definition on days when it's looking dull, frizzy or holding static, or enjoy a much more generous application, massaged into the scalp and through the ends of hair, focusing on dry spots and areas of damage. Leave in overnight as a treatment and shampoo the next morning. You can also blend a bit into your conditioner for an extra hydration boost.
    Experiment, and discover what works best for your individual needs.


    The radiance in this oil comes from mica, the same mineral that makes rocks sparkle in the sunshine. Once massaged into the skin, the mica imparts a sheer, subtle glow without too much glitter. Massaging into wet skin results in fully hydrated, glowing skin that looks completely natural and full of light. Smooth over dry skin to emphasize the highlight, concentrating the shimmer in areas you want to grab focus - dull skin on shoulders, clavicle, and legs all come to life with The Good Stuff.


    This beauty is known for the radiance it brings to skin and hair, and part of that magic comes through our golden mica. When massaged into wet skin, the shimmer effect is very subtle and beautiful even for daytime. If you wish to opt out of any sparkle whatsoever, you may love to explore our multi-tasking newest treasure, The Pendulum Potion. While I formulated this as a cleansing oil, the ingredients are so good and the aroma so sensual and grounding that we all indulge head to toe as a body, hair and massage treatment as well.


    The Good Stuff is utilizing the very last of our original cacao reserves (rather than the new, raw cacao that The Honey Mud has been updated with) out of respect to the specific olfactory contribution that is undoubtedly a primary feature of this sultry oil. When the final drops have been enjoyed, The Good Stuff will be retiring, opening up space in my carefully curated collection for a future vision - get excited!
    In the meantime, we will sell through until the very last bottle is gone of this special treat.
    In fantastic news - The Good Stuff is the one piece of the collection that we believe gets even better as it matures. The aromatics blossom beautifully, so you can enjoy for quite some time to come. If you are inclined to stock up, you have our greenlight for this one in a way that we always say to avoid with the remainder of the collection.


    It would be our pleasure to guide you through a full, personalized ritual to help you discover your ultimate routine. Email anytime