Coming Fall 2023!

After years of searching for a cleansing cloth gentle enough for daily use without overstimulation, including for those with extremely sensitive, acne-prone, or rosacea skin types, we introduced our Facial Steam Cloth. Ultra-soft, incredibly luxurious, and undeniably beautiful, I was proud to share our first version with you.

But then I went and fell in love with another.

And friends, she's The One.

I believe we have the opportunity to raise our quality standard with every fresh batch of skin treats we make. So it may not surprise you that when I became starstruck over a texturally delicious new textile sample, I had to follow the inspiration trail. It's been a slow one. And oh, so worth it!

The maker is small. The fabric is gorgeous. The goodness is almost here.

I’m not ready to announce an official drop date or all the details just yet, but add your name to our waitlist and you will be first to be invited to learn more and shop when the dream pairing to The Pendulum Potion and The Honey Mud is ready to go.

I can’t wait to share!

All my love,