The Honey Mud | Testimonials

"Reformulated and tweaked, the essence of this beloved mask/cleanser remains the same. May describes The Honey Mud as “lush, velveteen, cozy,” and honestly, that checks out. Indeed, I think that “lush” is the most apt description for this deliciously decadent treat. The main difference between the reformulated version and the original is the addition of natural salicylic acid from wintergreen extract (for the fans of The Honey Mud’s chocolate pudding scent, the extract isn’t scented and does not change the scent profile). Although my skin is not crazy-sensitive, I tend to be fairly sensitive to acids, but I experienced zero flushing or irritation when using it as either a cleanser or a mask. Instead, my skin was left soft, comforted, and bright. And smelling of chocolate pudding."


"This marshmallowy pillowy mud is not like anything I've tried before. This product is truly different, and the experience is completely unique. I slather this on before my morning meditation, and when I rinse it off after 20 minutes my skin is refined, glowing. Once applied the mask's scent wafts, and is somewhere between a creme brulee and a campfire. I love all of May Lindstrom's products, and The Honey Mud might be my favorite."


"Not only does the new formula have improved glide (which I really appreciate) but the exfoliating powers from those delicious raw honey enzymes have been boosted by salicylic-rich wintergreen which means baby soft skin awaits. And don’t fear, all the other stuff you loved about the original formula - the satisfying non-drying gloop, the heavenly cacao scent, the smart versatility from mask to cleanser - it’s all still there! Thank you, May, I knew we were in safe hands."


"The Honey Mud is so gorgeous and has actually allowed me to improve the texture and health of my skin during this crazy and stressful time. I loved the Honey Mud as a cleanser before, but I now use it as a weekly mask, and I’ve become addicted to the flush and tingle and the way my skin feels like velvet when I wash it off - I’ve never had a product make my skin feel this way (not even the original Honey Mud)! Thank you again for all you do to continue to make products and safely send them out - I look forward to being able to continue using them for months and years to come. "


"As someone who has had acne since age 8, the Honey Mud has been transforming. It’s the only cleanse that I have ever used that truly helped to clear and calm my skin. I love all of your skincare products but this by far has made the most difference. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. "


"I just wanted to tell you that the Honey Mud has CHANGED my life. I am not just saying this to say it either. I had cystic adult acne after giving birth to my son 8 years ago and decided to go on retinol. It cleared it beautifully and I had no other real breakouts until about 6 months ago when I moved to Florida.  I tried a few new things but nothing worked. I finally got the email that it was my turn for The Honey Mud and within a week of my jar arriving, YES A WEEK, my cystic acne had cleared. I have never had anything work like this on my skin EVER!!! So THANK YOU!!!! A HUGE THANK YOU for making me feel like me again!"


"I can't have any spoons around to measure it out or I swear I would eat it! It's even more wondrous than I remembered. It's soooo smooth when I use it as a cleanse, and silky in water on my skin. The clay feels like it's sticking to every piece of impurity and grime from the day and rinsing it away. Then, I added it as a Masque Day to my week. I honestly didn't want to rinse it off, just for the smell. I used my beautiful golden wand to spoon some into my hand (can't have a spoon, remember?) and applied it to skin freshly cleaned with The Pendulum Potion (so I was already in olfactory heaven.) I'm so happy to have The Honey Mud back!"


"I don’t know what to tell you about The Honey Mud! I almost cried when I first used it. I had drawn a bath and put it on and, between the water and the aromas from the mask, I felt a year's worth of distress melt away and my skin didn’t feel dry, stretched, or irritated. You’re a maverick!  And then when I put The Blue  Cocoon on afterward and massaged my neck and chest I felt even more calm and rejuvenated. Your products are an experience."


"I'm just sinking into the couch with a cup of tea and the mask on my face for the first time in way too long and I'm... giddy. I want to eat it. I want to roll in it. I think in the age-old childhood question of whether you'd rather drown in a bowl of milk or something else, I'd choose this. I am just so happy it's back."


"I was a bit worried about the change only because of how much I loved the aroma but I’m happy to report, the scent is still that chocolaty, malty, earthy goodness. I’ve been using it as my evening face wash just so that I can open the jar on the daily. Thank you May Lindstrom Skin for all you do!"


"The Honey Mud is hands down the best skincare product I’ve ever tried, and I’m a clean beauty junkie. It is my desert island, holy grail, can’t-live-without product & I want to thank you all for working so tirelessly to bring it back to us. I can’t tell you how much having this treat back in my life means to me - it gives me something to look forward to at the end of stressful 12-hour workdays. Even just opening the jar & inhaling the delicious aroma calms & re-centers me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"


"I received my jar of the new formula a couple of weeks ago and I literally get out of bed in the morning because I get to use The Honey Mud, I kid you not. I just want to say thank you for your diligence and for giving your customers a product that actually makes them excited about cleansing their face! I already can't wait to use it tomorrow!!"


"I think my skin sighed after I washed it off the first time!"


"Tonight as I applied Honey Mud silk to my face, I realized that as much as I enjoy the brand discovery process, yours is the only brand I won't live without in my future years."


"…I'm smitten with Honey Mud - my skin has been glowing since I started using your products! Love it! :)"


"As someone who has dry, but blemish-prone skin, it's nearly impossible to find a face mask that works. It needs to be hydrating and nourishing to my skin, but strong enough to get rid of blemishes. This is the first and only mask I've EVER found that accomplishes both (and I've tried dozens and dozens, as a beauty blogger).

It smells like a little piece of heaven, and applies easier than any other honey-based product I've come across. The creamy consistency spreads easily, and I usually leave it on for about 45 minutes before washing it off, only to reveal simply glowing skin."


"Besides it smelling absolutely yummy, it makes my skin feel so wonderful. I couldn't wait to get up this morning and wash again."


"I adore this product! I have oily/acne prone skin and I swear using this product daily for the last 6 months (along with the Problem Solver once a week) has calmed my skin down. I made the mistake of not purchasing more before I ran out. I thought my face would stay clear and I could return to less expensive non-green products...Mistake!! My face broke out again. So this is my second time purchasing this product and I will not go without it again. It has truly worked for me."


"This stuff is seriously heaven. Nothing compares. Its rich, creamy, hydrating, and literally smells like luxury!"


"The Honey Mud is amazing. I have acne prone skin, with some scarring from my teenage years and sometimes get breakouts at 35. This cleanser makes my skin feel calm and nourished, it's not heavy. I also used it as a mask and my skin looked supple and reduced some redness I get. I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a new routine - you'll love the results."


"The hype is true, and it's all organic. I've got dry, sensitive skin and have been searching, for quite a long time, for a mask that, first and foremost, doesn't irritate my skin. Enter The Honey Mud. The Honey Mud does the job of drawing out the impurities without ever drying out my skin.

And the glow it leaves... well, you need to just try it and see for yourself. This mask is pure unadulterated bliss."


"I used it as a mask after cleansing and it did wonders removing dirt and shrinking my pores…It smelled like the most decadent chocolate pudding!"


"The Honey Mud was addiction at first try. And I mean addiction in the most perfect way. I came pretty close to tasting! :) This is the most different and incredibly good experience I've ever had with any beauty product, ever! This is not only an innovation but one that delivers the most supple skin - immediately - after the very first use (easier said than done)! For me, your line of products delivers an "all-senses experience". Absolutely amazing!"


"Can't live without. My skin is very sensitive and I have suffered with acne since a child. Nearly every cleanser I have used has made my skin even more sensitized or has made my acne worse. Even products that seemed to have worked to begin with ended up doing this to my skin, but not the Honey Mud Cleansing Silk. I have been using this product every day for the past year and it has helped my skin in leap and bounds. It helps with my dry skin, clears out my pores and has helped keep boils at bay. I have found that even my monthly hormonal boils have dramatically reduced since using this product. Another thing I love about this is that you can use it as a mask. When my skin is really bad and just a normal cleanser wouldn't do, I put this on as a mask and my skin is instantly calmed and back to normal. I will continue to use this product for the rest of my life (as long as it never disappears!)."


"…I have finally found the cleanser I don't ever want to be without!"


"Such an amazing product! I use as a mask before bed and it leaves my skin smooth and firm. Smells wonderful and super gentle - great for sensitive skin types like myself."


"The entire May Lindstrom line has been hands down some of the best products I've ever put on my face. The Honey Mud is no exception. It makes my skin dewy, soft, plump...all the things I've been looking for. I even mix it with The Problem Solver once a week & use it as a mask. My 15 yr old daughter loves it too, as it's helped even out her adolescent, problematic skin issues with redness & normal teen acne. Can't recommend this entire line enough."


"My skin is in full-voltage glow-mode this morning from Honey-Mudding it last night!"


"I can definitely tell a difference in my skin once I use this mask. It speeds up the healing process of spots and prevents new ones. As soon as I take it off my skin looks moisturized, less red and inflamed, and oxygenated. I'll use this as an overnight spot treatment as well and it's honestly amazing."


"The Honey Mud is the literal only thing that matters in my life. I'm obsessed."


"Miracle multi tasker, it really works. This cleanser is just beautiful. It's very calming, my skin reacts to everything - too cold, dry, hot, hormonal breakouts - plus I have a lot of allergies. This just instantly calms my skin down. It's too lovely to use to take my makeup off, although it does that brilliantly, so I tend to use it as a second cleanse or morning cleanse or face mask. It's great at getting deep down into the pores, keeping your face clear and spot free. My skin feels really soft and smooth after use, never tight or stripped dry. I am a great believer in the science of skincare, but May Lindstrom has proved to me that purely natural products can be even more effective than the ones built in a science lab. My skin has never looked better.

I know that finally my hunt is over - I have found the perfect range to make my skin clear, spot, oil and dryness free, pores are the smallest I can remember, redness and sensitivity completely gone, and lines are softened or eradicated. All in four weeks! I'm amazed, stunned and excited to see how it looks after a few months, as unlike many products, the results just keep getting better and better. I know I sound like I have shares in May Lindstrom but I'm just so very impressed with every product!!!!! This range has transformed my skin, I don't think it has looked this clear since pre my teen years, or felt this soft, and I only wish I'd tried this collection years ago. The best secret of all - my laughter lines and forehead lines are completely gone. I still have the lines between my nose and mouth but they are substantially reduced. I would have never believed a natural range of face care could have had so dramatic a result in such a short amount of time."