The Pendulum Potion | Testimonials

"Campfire. Spice market. Sex in a bottle. And my makeup came off like a dream! ¡Ay, Dios mío, she's done it again!"


"I've tried all May Lindstrom products and find The Blue Cocoon, The Clean Dirt and The Problem Solver to be my workhorses (all repeat purchases). However, The Pendulum Potion is special. It makes night-time cleansing enjoyable (which can be a challenge when you're tired), but more importantly, it leaves your face incredibly soft the next day."


"The Pendulum Potion is amazing - my skin has not looked and felt this good since I was a child."


"This smells in-cred-ible! I just stand here in the mornings massaging my skin forever like a loon because it smells so good and feels so nice."


"Wow, was this a surprise! I always labeled oil cleansers as not for me and don't do much for me. But The Pendulum Potion has changed that. The smell is the most intoxicating, invigorating, yet calming scent. I cannot wait to use it all over my body as a moisturizer and cannot wait to give to my hubby to use - mainly because I just want to smell it everywhere! I will definitely enjoy as a cleanser but I think mixing it with masks and all over the body is a must treat."


"a cleansing oil that will export you to your inner happy place."


"Heaven should and DOES smell like this."


"The new potion is wonderful. It is unlike any other cleaning oil I have tried, and I have used many."


"As always, all your products are 'heaven sent'....I totally don't understand how 'oil' can clean my face, but it did!!"


"OMG was that’s worth the wait!"


"The Pendulum Potion smells like campfire. I couldn't stop smelling my hands!"


"I am head over heels in love with The Pendulum Potion. Adding this to my routine has taken my skin to another level. A-MA-ZING."


"Love Love LOVE. Every evening, The Pendulum Potion is my go-to-bed ritual."


"I am so obsessed with this product. I have perioral dermatitis and The Pendulum Potion has kept my skin in the best condition. I cannot wait for my new order to arrive!"


"The Pendulum Potion is absolutely beautiful. And the scent? OMG. I cannot even begin to tell you how it speaks to me. Lightbulb moment: I may even dab some on my wrists and behind my ears and see how it develops throughout the day!"


"Another sublime creation from May Lindstrom! It smells gorgeous - kind of reminds me of an amaretto sundae. How I LOVE multi-purpose oils!"


"The most powerful magical item on earth."