The Youth Dew | Testimonials

"I don't even know where to start with this oil. I am in love, smitten, over the moon. Seriously, The Youth Dew is pure perfection in a bottle."


"Love love love this stuff! On my second bottle. Only thing that keeps my rosacea (and associated itchy, red flare-ups) at bay. It's the only moisturizer I use now, combined with The Blue Cocoon at night."


"I have oily skin on top of sensitivity and was a little hesitant about putting oil on my skin. So glad took a risk. My skin looks incredible - dab some youth dew with my SPF and boom - luminous skin, oil absorbed, happy happy!"


"Sublime, natural, brimming with all good things. And it works."


"An oil that suits combination skin! I can't use facial oils, they make my combination skin break out and I wake up with my skin too oily by far. I was sent a sample of this and was stunned by the results. It sinks in so quickly, leaves my skin soft and clear and actually seems to help hormonal breakouts stopping them from coming to a head and clearing them more quickly, as in three days rather than three weeks, wonderful. On top of this fine lines are diminished, all my dry areas are gone, as is redness and sensitive or sore areas. My skin looks clear with a lovely glow, so much so I'm not bothering with foundation as I could never get this glow from a bottle!!! I wear it morning and evening and although it's a small bottle one drop is all you need so I know it will last. I have now tried all of the May Lindstrom range and can absolutely recommend each and every one of them, I would never have believed that purely natural products could have such a dramatic effect."


"Amazing buy! May makes the best products with the highest quality ingredients possible. A little pricey, yes, but you only need a small amount of any of the products to achieve maximum results. I bought The Youth Dew because I read another review that it helped with redness/rosacea and sure enough it does! All of the redness that I had around my nose has all but vanished thanks to this miracle worker!"


"I love it! It keeps my skin moisturized and it is very light."


"I've been using the youth dew for about a year (on/off to experiment with other brands) and this is by far my favorite facial oil. Works wonderfully well under makeup. I adore the texture/scent and makes my face glow. Not heavy and doesn't make me break out like many other facial oils. Perfect for my dry sensitive skin and I now prefer to be foundation free since my skin is so clear and luminous."


"The Youth Dew is oh-so-silky."


"I have tried and Loved a lot of face oils for many years and I can tell you that this May Lindstrom Youth Dew is Special. It does everything and more than anyone would hope from a face product but for me the specialness is the smell, it makes me feel happy and peaceful at the same time, it's not heavy at all, it's just pure joy. Works well morning or evening and I will never be without it."


"I absolutely love this oil!! I have used many oils over the last few years and feel that this one gives me more moisture for my dry skin (with using a moisturizer on top).

I have small patches of rosacea on the lower part of my cheeks that get tiny pustules or bumps on a regular basis. Since I have used this oil I have not had 1 and the overall appearance of my skin is less inflamed. The aroma of this oil is also gorgeous...this one is a no brainer!"


"..the Youth Dew is the most amazing oil/serum I have ever used."


"I was hesitant to try this oil as my skin is very sensitive and reactive. However despite the array of beautiful rich oils in this, it sinks in beautifully and never leaves your skin greasy feeling or not moisturised enough. It ticks all the boxes for me. It glides on like silk, and is so nourishing and healing, even to break out prone skin. I'm now addicted to May's concoctions. Her products work like magic."


"A friend was raving about these products so I decided to try them. But I wasn't being a purist and was mixing with some other harsh brands and didn't get the best results. But more and more friends were telling me about their glowing skin and suggested I add the Problem Solver to my repertoire along with all of the other products. Once I became a purist, the products started to work beautifully. They are an investment but they are high quality-stunning packaging and the products last a very long time. You really don't need to use much for it to be effective!"


"Youth Dew, finally a product that truly deserves it's name! I have to start by saying I've tried many many oils, including the latest offerings from Sunday Riley and all have caused break outs or my face to turn red and sore, so I tried this with a fair amount of trepidation. I should not have worried, as with everything from May Lindstrom, my very sensitive skin loved it. This soaks in very very quickly and leaves my skin so soft the only thing I can liken it to is my children's skin when they were babies. It's soothing, it smells gorgeous without the scent being too strong and my face doesn't feel oily in the slightest. I can wear it under makeup and my foundation doesn't slip and my skin remains oil free all day, unheard of. I don't need anything after cleansing and toning just this, in the evening I also treat my skin to Blue Cocoon, another amazing May Lindstrom product and I wash with her Honey Mud, just gorgeous.

The Problem Solver, Clean Dirt and Jasmine Garden Toner have transformed my skin from blotchy, oily and rough with hormonal flare ups, to clear, uber soft, perfect skin. No more spots, pores are tiny, oil is gone, wrinkles are far less obvious, jaw line more defined and a horrible darkened sun spot is nearly gone. This from a scientist who believes in lab results and research followed by clear proof, I've binned the retinol, the chemicals and products that promised that 99% of customers saw reduced wrinkles and smoother skin. I've decided the only proof I need is what I can see and feel for myself and with May Lindstrom's products finally I see a difference, not just in one or two key areas but improving every single one of my skin concerns."


"I'm a big fan of face oils and I've tried many of them but not even one compares to The Youth Dew. This was not love on first sight as I had some very mixed emotions about it at the very beginning, but we're best friends now :) I admit I discontinued using it at a certain point (due to its price), telling myself that sticking to some less expensive oils would be fine, too, but I keep coming back to this precious orange jewel. I have just reordered it, happy for the 30 ml upgrade and even though I'm perfectly aware that it's still expensive, it's absolutely worth it, up to the last drop. Not greasy, deliciously absorbed, it leaves my dry skin plump, soft, nourished, happy."


"A True Oil-Serum. I want to start by saying that this is not your traditional facial oil! In recent years, more and more brands have been releasing oil-serum hybrid products, which nourish the skin like a facial oil but also contain a power-punch of nutrients that correct imbalances in the skin. May Lindstrom's The Youth Dew is a perfect example of this! While this is certainly an oil-based formula, the oils used pack antioxidant, soothing and healing qualities, while the inclusion of Coenzyme Q10 adds a nice dose of anti-aging properties. Because this is truly meant to be used as a serum, massaging a few drops into clean, damp skin is a must. Your skin will thank you!"


"As one other reviewer wrote not to being able to imagine I would ever pay so much for a face-oil... But I also did buy The Youth Dew and I am not disappointed at all. Better yet, I am 'afraid' I am going to use this forever! Great substance (oil is not the right word to prescribe this heavenly skin product). Sinks in immediately, and does not feel sticky at all (which I hate). Superb scent, lovely to just simply smell (inhale) the gorgeous smell and then to apply it on your face. Great to wear under make-up... But the best thing is, after a few days of use your skin looks so good and so very well moisturized, you do not even need (and want) to wear make-up anymore! A must try!"


"I have used one pump of this oil for four month every morning. I press it in my skin after using the Jasmine Mist. I have oily skin but this hydrates and plumps it. My face oils have "normalized". They are not wreaking havoc on my face and making me look like a greaseball. TYD has not broken me out at all. My makeup lasts a lot longer because it's not sliding off my face 2-3 hours later."


"Love, love, love the feel and the scent of your Youth Dew and I look forward to washing my face morning and evening. I even gave my acne-prone teenage son a mini facial and finished off with the Youth Dew."


"Different from the rest! I've tried every face oil I can possibly get my hands on & use them twice a day. My favorites have been Tatcha & Sunday Riley, but this one has quickly gained the #1 spot in my face game. I can easily say the same for the rest of the May Lindstrom products I've used, which is nearly the whole line. This oil isn't sticky or greasy, but make sure to follow instructions & apply over a wet face, and use a less is more application. My normally dry face feels softer & very hydrated the morning after using."


"The Youth Dew has been an unexpected love of my life!"


"I have quite oily skin and was hesitant to try this product but my skin has been loving this product. I use it as a serum and my oiliness has actually gone down! I did not think it was possible. I do have dry patches on my nose and this oil is definitely the reason why my dry patches are not as prevalent as they used to be. I apply 3-4 pumps day and night and actually use another oil right after. All my skin products sink into my face when I use the Youth Dew. I find the smell very refreshing and natural. The oil absorbs very well and doesn't leave the face feeling heavy or greasy!"


"I use The Youth Dew on my cheekbones after makeup to create a dewy look. Magic potion is definitely the right word! LOVE IT!"


"I received a 4ml sample of this when I purchased the Clean Dirt and Honey Mud duo set. I had used this previously but it wasn't a stand out for me - turns out the trick to this product is applying it to damp skin. On dry skin it just doesn't work as well. I spritz the Jasmine Garden and then apply a few drops of this and my skin feels like silk and glows. I love it use it on its own or in conjunction with the Blue Cocoon (heavenly) and it works well in the am or pm. I am totally hooked and will definitely repurchase the full size."


"Wow. I don't like facial oils, as nearly all of them, despite what they claim, sit on top of the skin. This one does sink in properly, performing like a true serum. I have normal skin for the first time in years, no dry or greasy patches. I am so pleased."


"I have fallen so in love with the youth dew. I couldn't be happier. It has saved and transformed my skin."


"Best face oil. Ever. I'm over the moon about May Lindstrom - all of her products are luxurious, of amazing quality, and they actually do what they claim to do! This oil is no different. It's a rich, thick oil that is unbelievably softening - you will have baby skin with this oil. I recommend massaging into a wet, clean face (I use it after spritzing the heck out of my face with The Jasmine Garden spray). The wet skin helps spread the oil & lets skin absorb the product better. This oil gives amazing glow, is super softening, and is soothing on my sensitive skin. I think it works better than any other oil I've tried - a long list from Sunday Riley to Emma Hardie & everything in between. I can also use it in the day under makeup without any greasiness or makeup shifting (my skin is combo-dry).

It is pricey, but like all of May's products - it will last a very long time and the quality is there. If you're looking for a glow & extra nourishment, I highly recommend this gem! (Works gorgeously with Blue Cocoon, too!)"


"I have been watching this oil for a while and I was hesitant over the price but I'm glad I finally purchased because it is helping my monthly breakouts and calling my skin. I am almost 40 with oily skin but one pump is all I need to pat my face with this golden goodness. It doesn't make me shiny nor does it irritate my skin or cause me to breakout. It is winter in NY right now and summer will be the true test but we all adjust our skin products with the seasons so it wouldn't deter my four star rating. I just wish it was a full ounce bottle for the price which is the reason for a star deduction. Five stars for product itself!"


(***I heard you, Taisha! The Youth Dew is now a full 30ml for the same price! - May)

"Fast absorbing, great smell, hydrates all day but is not oily feeling. Plus it's healing my acne scars and large pores!! Thankyou ML!"


"I got this Youth Dew magic as a sample and after using it for two days straight on the skin around my eyes and on my face, neck and decollete I ordered the full bottle. It has a divine rosy smell and makes my skin so happy and dewy. I will repurchase over and over again. Worth the price!"