The Facial Steam Cloth

oversized. plush. snuggle.

13”W x 15”L
or 4 installments of $12.00 using Afterpay_Badge_BlackonWhite
The Facial Steam Cloth - Front View The Facial Steam Cloth - Front View

the softest face cloth. ever.

The Facial Steam Cloth

oversized. plush. snuggle.

13”W x 15”L
or 4 installments of $12.00 using Afterpay_Badge_BlackonWhite

Designed to pacify even the most sensitive complexions, our incredibly luxurious premium microfiber effectively captures steam, cocooning you in delicious warmth as makeup and environmental debris are swept away with ease.


the dream

Meet the most spectacularly luxurious facial steam cloth on the planet! After years of searching for a face cloth soft enough for daily use without overstimulation, including for those with extremely sensitive, acne-prone, or rosacea skin types, we finally hold the answer. You’ve never felt anything like this and your cleansing ritual is about to change forever.


the ritual

When using your cloth, get it nice and warm and steamy, then fully cocoon your face and neck, giving yourself a loving hug. Press and hold, rinse and rewarm, press and hold again, repeating until skin is soft and happy. This is not about rubbing or scrubbing at all - imagine our cloth as a delivery system for steam. The magic is in the cushy warmth.

two to taste, or have the perfect dozen…


the duo

You’ve got to touch these to see just how special they are! Our two-pack is a sweet introduction to your softest cleanse ever - and perfect for gifting!


the dozen

You’re ready to get carried away. The dozen is a gift of laundry freedom - you and your skin deserve a fresh, super-soft cloth for morning and night and the luxury of never reaching for anything less.


Our machine-washable Facial Steam Cloth will give you hundreds of pleasurable uses. Before your first indulgence, please remove the tear-away care tag. No scissors necessary, simply give a tug to release tag effortlessly.



Wash our Facial Steam Cloth twice prior to embracing yourself in a steamy snuggle. Washing activates the unique heat-retaining fibers and rinses away any residual fluff remaining from our hand-sewn intimate manufacturing process. Wash and dry after each use.

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"WOW. I have NEVER felt anything like this. These cloths feel like little black lab puppies! I swear they’re the softest thing I’ve ever touched."

—Anna Marie

"Who knew I needed this?! If you think all washcloths are pretty much the same thing, you’re about to have your mind blown. Mine is. I have to come back for the dozen because two is definitely not enough. I’m never using anything else ever again. Please don’t stop making these!"



The Facial Steam Cloth

How do I heat my facial steam cloth?

My favorite ritual in the evening is to pour myself a cup of tea, drizzling the rest of the hot water over a Facial Steam Cloth in a separate bowl to warm it thoroughly. While my tea steeps, I give my skin a few minutes of extra love! This is a beautiful way to heat the water without running your faucet and wasting all the world’s water as you wait for the perfect temperature. Quick tip: you can also wet your cloth and then just pop it into the microwave for 30-45 seconds to heat!

Can my cloth be used cold?

Yes! These feel absolutely amazing on hot, stressed skin, or following a treatment masque or exfoliation. Wet and then chill in either the refrigerator or freezer before pressing into areas needing cooling relief. Try on sore muscles too!

Is this machine washable?

Our Facial Steam Cloth washes easy-peasy! Just toss into the regular wash cycle along with anything else needing laundered and you’re set. Delicate cycle is even better. Machine dryable, or hang to dry.

Can I use this for my baby?

Absolutely! My little ones love to take these into the bath with them and my youngest is always stealing from my drawer for more to snuggle with in bed! They truly are THAT soft! Bonus - try alternating warm and cool cloths for postpartum care on belly, breasts, and perineum.

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