The Facial Treatment Brush

personal magic wand

$37 / 6.5 inch in length
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There is profound beauty in the simple acts of preparation for our own care. With an angled head and silky smooth bristles, our treatment brush elevates and transforms your weekly mask routine into a frustration-free, feel-good ritual.


Pair with:

The Problem Solver: Anti-inflammatory Detox Face Mask Front View
warming correcting masque
The Clean Dirt brightening exfoliant treatment
brightening exfoliant treatment

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It is time to upgrade your kitchen spoon. Crafted from natural wood, recyclable aluminum, and vegan friendly, synthetic Taklon fiber, our handsome brush is a must-have tool for blending The Problem Solver and The Clean Dirt to their perfectly rich and luxurious mousse texture with ease.

After measuring The Clean Dirt or The Problem Solver into a bowl, use the angled treatment brush to quickly and easily activate these fresh formulas into their mousse consistency. 

The angled brush head hugs our barrel-bellied treatment bowl, eliminating mess and creating the most lush texture. On the skin, soft, substantial bristles glide along the hills and valleys of your face, neck, décolleté, armpits, and back, making application effortless.

To care for your treatment brush:

  • Clean your brush thoroughly after each treatment.

  • While rinsing, orient the head of the brush down, preventing water from filling and weakening the base and swelling the natural wood handle, which can lead to cracking.

  • Gently squeeze remaining water from the bristles as you reshape, then lay the clean brush flat to rest over your treatment bowl, allowing air flow as it dries overnight. 

  • Ensure your brush is clean and dry prior to storage.

Absolutely! Our treatment brush can be used to blend and apply infinite customizable potions, including The Problem Solver, The Clean Dirt, and The Honey Mud.

My personal favorites are to activate The Problem Solver to a mousse, adding a dollop of The Honey Mud, or mix The Clean Dirt to a mousse, boosting with several pumps of The Pendulum Potion.

We do! Our ceramic treatment bowls are crafted right here in Los Angeles by local clay magician, Melissa Brown. Each one-of-a-kind bowl requires a fourteen day process to complete and is truly a piece of practical and delightful art.