The Masque Treatment Bowl

mixing vessel

$49 / 4" dia.
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What if the tools you reached for in your rituals were as beautiful and intentional as the rituals themselves? As stunning as it is practical, our artisan-crafted ceramic treatment bowl marries form with function and delivers your ultimate masking experience.

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Pair with:

The Problem Solver: Anti-inflammatory Detox Face Mask Front View
warming correcting masque
The Clean Dirt brightening exfoliant treatment
brightening exfoliant treatment

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Our vessel features a distinctive barrel-bellied shape to lessen airborne powder during the activation process of our treatment formulas, minimizing mess and allowing for ease in reaching a mousse-like state for The Problem Solver and The Clean Dirt.

Thoughtfully proportioned and crafted with delightful characteristic details, our treatment bowl pairs perfectly with our treatment brush to amplify both ease and pleasure within your exfoliating and masking rituals.

Bonus - Discover the best ever hostess gift, your ultimate stemless wine goblet (red wine revealing a glint of gold beneath!), ritual-infused tea mug, or introduce several vessels to your home to showcase delicious bowls of chilled gazpacho or to float tealight candles.

Each unique, one-of-a-kind bowl is formed exclusively for us over a fourteen-day process by local clay magician, Melissa Brown. A radiant 24k gold dandelion gleams from within a dipped and glazed interior, contrasting against the beautifully textured, velvet-matte exterior.

The shape. The ease. The artistry. If you are still using a random bowl from your kitchen, it’s time for an upgrade. Why? Because making a mess while you’re trying to feel good is counter to the goal. When your experience feels great, you will keep doing it. Consistency is key for your skin, and our treatment tools support you in the effortless, mess-less mixing of your fresh and potent concoctions, keeping you coming back to your own care again and again.

Yes! In our treatment bowl, I’ve found my favorite tea mug, ice cream bowl, wine glass and more. A bottle of something sparkly and a gift box (add and personalize at the cart) containing The Problem Solver and our treatment bowl and brush have become my go-to hostess gift.

We do - and it is a MUST-HAVE! Shop our treatment brush here. Crafted from sustainable, recycled, vegan materials, our angled facial brush is a total game changer, making blending and applying your favorite skin treats effortless.

We recommend hand washing your bowl after each use to uphold the integrity of the 24k gold interior. A quick swish of water as your fingertips sweep away any debris takes just seconds. Mild soap and top-rack dishwasher safe if desired.