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It is an honor to be connected to you through Caroline. Our friendship goes back to the early days of our independent family business (catch my favorite interview in our original studio here). The ongoing and passionate support from such an inspirational woman, human, and renowned beauty expert has been an extraordinary gift.

Caroline proclaimed The Blue Cocoon as one of her top skincare products of all time. The cult-favorite formula was even inaugurated into her Hall of Fame! I was elated when she asked to include our hero’s best companion, The Jasmine Garden, in her newest Light Up Kit. On their own, each formula is incredible. Together, they are what healthy, glowing skin dreams are made of.

The Jasmine Garden calms, nurtures, and hydrates the skin, infusing it with fresh botanical extracts and cellular waters, soothing colloidal silver, and abundant antioxidant protection. This game-changing formula is as powerful as it is intoxicating, amplifying the effectiveness of every treat that comes before or after.

Mist generously to:

enhance penetration of oils, balms, & serums
hydrate dry and sensitive skin
reduce redness and inflammation
cool and calm acne flare-ups

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We are 100% customer-funded and built upon the fuel of organic word-of-mouth (read more about our story here).

We are meticulous and uncompromising in the sourcing of our fresh, potent ingredients and produce our complete collection in micro-batches in our fully in-house, private Los Angeles kitchen lab. The work we do here is intimate and high-touch, and our small team is obsessed with bringing you the very best of us. 

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Welcome to The Jasmine Garden! Romance your spirit, soothe your skin.

Reduce redness, soothe irritation, and balance your complexion with a lush blend of botanical goodness. Morning, evening, and all the delicious spaces in between, it is always the right time to feed your skin with The Jasmine Garden.

The Jasmine Garden, the ritual

Mist generously to saturate freshly cleansed skin, before and after oils, like The Blue Cocoon and The Youth Dew.

In addition to bringing antioxidant-rich hydration to your ritual, this treat also works as a penetration enhancer, helping to assure the assimilation of both fat and water-soluble vitamins, amplifying the effectiveness of every product that comes before or after it.

Create a skin superfood cocktail by blending several spritzes of The Jasmine Garden with a pea-sized amount of The Blue Cocoon and 2-3 pumps of The Youth Dew in your palm. Melt this stunning trio into your soaking wet skin as one, completing with generous massage.

Bring your bottle of The Jasmine Garden into the shower with you to be instantly transported to the most lush tropical rainforest.

Freeze a Tablespoon of The Jasmine Garden in an ice tray, the lush golden fluid transforming into the most beautiful, aromatic treatment cube you could imagine. Melt briefly over skin after cleansing or masking (this feels incredible following The Problem Solver!) to refresh and hydrate. Finish with The Blue Cocoon and The Youth Dew, massaging directly into the icy waters.

Tend towards dryness? Mist to keep your mask treatments damp as all the nutritive goodness gets to work. You may also utilize The Jasmine Garden as the water element to activate your powder-to-mousse formulas.

The Jasmine Garden's favorite companions:

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The Blue Cocoon Solid oil facial concentrate tranquil. intoxicating. deep calm.
The Youth Dew front view
The Youth Dew balancing facial serum opulent. precious. fresh.
The Problem Solver: Anti-inflammatory Detox Face Mask Front View
The Problem Solver warming correcting masque hero. overachiever. superstar.

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