The Chocolate Box is getting a mini-makeover!

The Chocolate Box is getting a mini-makeover!

As we work to bring you the much-anticipated update to The Honey Mud, it puts a few other things on our back-burner, including the re-introduction of The Chocolate Box.

As a small business of makers doing hands-on work as we navigate a global pandemic, there’s been important choices I’ve had to make as our leader for the safety of our team on the ground here in Los Angeles. I wrote about some of these decisions, and how they impact what you can expect of us, here:

March 26, 2020:
Shelter in Place.

July 8, 2020:
All the updates you’ve been waiting for!

July 30, 2020
The Honey Mud:

Our plan, as it stands today, is to slowly and methodically work through the epic waitlist that has been building for The Honey Mud. Once we are through this, we’ll have a bit of bandwidth freed up on our team to begin making samples again. From there, we will bring back The Honey Mud mini for inclusion in the gift selections you can always find at our cart. If you didn’t know - we include your choice of two deluxe samples along with every order!

Finally, when we’ve found our feet once more, we’ll begin compiling the beauty that is The Chocolate Box. Containing all seven treats in our core collection in the cutest, glass-housed minis you’ve ever seen, it is well worth the wait. Fingers crossed we’ll have it back in your hands for the holidays.

Until then, enjoy the exploration of the rest of our collection. There is so much to discover and lots of ways to mix, match, and curate to create your ultimate personalized ritual.

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