The Jasmine Garden | Testimonials

The  Jasmine Garden is unparalleled in the realm of mists. A lot of mists are merely hydrosols and botanical tonics and sometimes just water (gasp!). Then there’s Jasmine Garden, who’s frankly in a league of her own (and the price certainly reflects that!). Although I have steered away from my beloved balms and oils lately (an unforeseen and sudden onset of Perioral Dermatitis is to blame), this highly soothing mist has worked wonders to deliver hydration for my parched skin almost overnight, significantly brought down the inflammation and almost miraculously healed the painful and unsightly patch surrounding my mouth. Yes, she’s pricier than your average hydrosol but with wonderfully reparative results, it’s the sort of extravagance I am SO happy to have splurged on right now.


From first opening the box, to first spritz, Jasmine Garden is enchanting. I love face mists, I've used everything from the ever so popular Evian and Avene to ones purchased in Tokyo, however, Jasmine Garden is special. On the skin, it's not the most hydrating, but it does a wonderful job of toning and balancing out the skin. It's great after a serum and locking down your makeup. That being said, facial mists shouldn't be the only step in your skincare routine to hydrate (use a good serum and moisturizer!).

It is scented, which was odd at first, but it's become a refreshing routine. The scent lingers into a refreshing jasmine that lasts all day - which I've also been complimented on, on the days I go perfume free. When I take a hot shower at the end of the day, I can still smell the beautiful aroma, and it's like getting a second hit of the calming scent.


Today I cleansed & replenished with Pendulum Potion, Blue Cocoon, Youth Dew & Jasmine Garden

and it was radically different from what I had envisioned, in the most surprising way.

I had expected a more jasmine, floral dominant olfactory experience, instead it was uniquely verdant, lush and earthy. My naked skin feels intoxicated and resplendent with deliciousness - I’m reluctant to put on any makeup! I was taken aback by the potency of peacefulness & the grounding in myself during & after using this collection. I felt like a forest nymph in an ancient wild woodland, awash in delight and the sacred. Utterly enchanted. 


Never would have thought I would spend so much on a mist, let alone realize just how much it is worth every penny. Calms and refreshes, seems to have slowed and minimized breakouts, the scent and feeling are luxurious, centering, and calming. All that combined with the pleasure of supporting such a phenomenal company with incredible values and ideas, I couldn't be happier. Purchased this and The Problem Solver, both of which are so so worth every penny and help me to slow down and connect with the chore of caring for myself and my skin. Thank you for your products and the care behind them.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart and depth of my skin, May. You. Are. Amazing. I am smitten with The Jasmine Garden! The gates to heaven just opened for my face. You can add me to your forever fan club. I will never buy another product from here on out. I've searched high and low for something to save my aging stressed 40 year old skin. How the heck does skin clear up completely with one spray of this magic elixir?!?!?!?! Thousands of dollars, time, tears, depression. Embarrassment over what my skin had become. All gone now.


The Jasmine Garden is all chocolate and vanilla and love in a bottle. It's sweet and refreshing at the same time. I prefer mine refrigerated....or frozen cubes of it to help cystic acne or soothe inflamed, overheated skin in hot summer months in India. The colloidal silver soothes all breakouts!! What many miss is that this mist should be massaged into the skin for maximum results and increased hydration. I cannot live without this gem!!


Oh my god, I never in a million years would have bought this if I hadn’t tried the sample. I have a million face sprays, why would I need another?! Because this BLOWS them all out of the water. I couldn’t believe it. I rushed as quickly as possible to buy the full size. This spray smells absolutely amazing! It makes me feel like I’m at the spa when I spray it. It makes my skin feel and look great. It’s not too heavy and not too light. It sinks right into my skin and leaves it feeling as amazing as this spray smells!


The Jasmine Garden is the ultimate luxury! Just zen in a bottle... calms and restores my skin, my mind, my soul. May, your elixirs benefit so much more than just the skin.


If I was on a deserted island, my only must-haves would be my beloved, ice and the Jasmine Garden. Oh my lord.


It’s going to be really hard to use other mists  up now that I have The Jasmine Garden. I don’t want to sound completely mad, but it’s what I imagine a thousand butterfly kisses must feel like. It’s truly posh and truly a treat!


"Addictive. Be warned ... Once you use this, you won't want to ever use any other spray...ever. It's completely addictive, it adds such luminous clarity to my skin ... it smells like heaven had a chocolate jasmine pancake ... and it calms and soothes the spirit. I adore this spray. I never really put much emphasis on a spray - I mean seriously, it's mainly water. Not with May's Jasmine Garden it's not. Witch Hazel and Silver soothe and calm the skin, and the scent (have I mentioned that before?!) calm the soul. Its phenomenal. I can't be without it, ever."


"Caught by surprise It's absolutely breathtaking! I never really valued tonic or floral waters and haven't ever spent much money on this step. Now, I must admit that it's not only good for the skin, but also good for the soul. This is by far THE BEST floral and hydrating water I have ever used in my routine. The smell, the feel on the's poetry in a bottle!"


"I've always been pretty skeptical when it comes to face mists. I have dry skin, so people recommend them to me all the time, but I never really understood the point to spending so much money on a product that didn't seem essential.
I'm not going to lie to you and say this particular mist will change your routine - but it will better it. First off, there's the scent, which is a stunning bouquet of florals that just puts you in the peace headspace. Right off the bat the aroma won me over, and if May decided to make a perfume of it I would be the first in line.
But let's talk about the actual results. I personally don't find this mist to be overly hydrating. Spraying a bit of it does certainly help my skin absorb any serum I apply after, but for dry skin like mine I would never use this as just a lightweight moisturizer alone. The real star quality for this formula comes in its treatment of blemishes. The ingredients of colloidal silver and witch hazel are fantastic at reducing redness and providing antibacterial properties to your complexion, and I have definitely noticed a reduction in blemishes since adding this."


"The Jasmine Garden is just perfection. The only toner (I've helplessly tried so many organic variations) that adds hydration without giving a shine to my skin. I was so delighted to find an effective toner without aloe or hyaluronic acid! And the scent- oh my. So beautiful!!"


"I love this toner - smells LUSH, calms redness, soothes sensitive or blemish prone skin, and preps skin gorgeously for oils and moisture to go on top. I am totally on board with spritzes and spray toners, though I don't usually go for ones this luxurious (read: expensive). I actually do see a difference in the clarity of my skin and the absorption of my oils when I use this, though. Lovely as an addition for an already great skincare regime and recommend for fellow face spritz addicts!"


"The Jasmine Garden is out of this world amazing. The scent is unlike any other hydrosol or facial mist I've ever tried, and I've tried many!"


"Love/hate. I hate that I love this stuff. I mean, $70 for a face mist!? I bought it as a splurge but really this is a glorious product. The smell of course is amazing but that is not what makes this a great product for me. I believe the silver helps prevent breakouts. I haven't had one pimple since using this spray. I ran out and am back to dealing with the random pimples that plague me. So even though I wasn't planning on making this a staple, I guess I will be repurchasing."


"I have now been using the May Lindstrom line for many months, my skin has never looked better. I've tried so many different brands and none have given me the even, clear, glowing, skin I've been after till now. So I'm a huge May fan!
I wondered whether this spray toner was really necessary but as it's by May I thought I'd give it a go. Oh my, I'm so so pleased I did. It smells beautiful, really gorgeous, I'm desperate for her to make a perfume that smells just like it!!! What's really odd is I really dislike gourmand fragrances but this is unlike anything I've ever come across, yes you can smell cocoa but yet it does not smell sweet or cloying like chocolate; yes it's Jasmine but not too really heady and floral; it's definitely exotic, almost oriental but yet it's lovely and light. I wish I could describe it better, it's just perfectly balanced like a very very beautiful perfume. So I'd buy it just for the smell but at this price it needs to actually be of benefit to my skin, being by May of course it works wonderfully.
I have really sensitive skin, suffer badly from Eczema and my skin can become irritated very easily, leaving it hot, red and sore. This really works to cool and calm, it locks in extra moisture and leaves my skin looking and feeling dewy and fresh. I use it after cleansing or exfoliating and before the blue cocoon or youth dew. If I'm using both I always add a spritz between to lock in as much moisture as possible. If I get hot or feel the need to freshen up, a quick spray and my skin feels cool and clean. If my skin is being particularly sensitive or feeling irritated this is just wonderful, instantly calming. But I especially love it at night, once I'm completely ready for bed, even though I've already used it in my nighttime skin routine, I really lightly mist this all over, both me and my pillow and find I'm so much more relaxed and ready for sleep.
Being an avid Caroline Hirons fan I have many, many toners, I've tried most of Caroline's favorites hunting for the right second tone, my search is definitely over as my other toners have sat on my dressing table gathering dust ever since first trying this, even my Queen of Hungary Mist which I love. But I'm so totally hooked, I just can't not use this, best of all it really lasts, I've been using it for nearly three months, several times, every day and I've still got nearly half a bottle left!!!"


"I got this as part of a deal, I expected to love it and I do. As others have said it smells wonderful (think Mehtab Bagh at dusk), it's pricey (so are some of the ingredients) and it lasts a long time (it really does). I think beauty products are like food and you should vary your diet but I will buy this again at some point in the future - indeed, I'll buy the whole range next time, The Blue Cocoon sounds really promising…"


"The Jasmine Garden - pure euphoria :)."


"I am truly happy I purchased the Jasmine Garden, I use it before and after makeup. It's amazing, it's so refreshing and calming. My skin is at its greatest because of this product. I would find myself scratching my face because I HAD irritated skin but not anymore because of this baby. :)"


"…with the Jasmine Garden I realized the power of a good spray to lock in moisture - which I had never thought to do."


"Finally a toner without alcohol or glycerin (though I'm sure there must be others). It is soothing and hydrating, absolutely lovely. I keep mine in the fridge for extra freshness. I use it for my hair, too. Love the smell."


"I love spritzing my face with this "garden"! After cleanse, after makeup, in the middle of the day 'just because'... Love the smell and the way it feels on my face. Will purchase again!"


"Amazing, divine, heavenly. This is the best facial spray I have ever used: very hydrating and soothing for my dry and sensitive skin, and the scent. Oh the dreamy-jasmine-chocolate-scent. It is just divine. I will definitely repurchase."


"My Holy Grail. I will never use another Toner/Mist again. I use this in my skincare routine and it is calming. It's a good primer for heavy moisturizers. I love it and please don't ever EVER discontinue."


"A staple product. This was the first purchase I intentionally made when moving into a natural skin care regime. It also not only sold me on May Lindstrom's line but was the first spray I've ever used that softened my very dry skin before I'd even moisturized. This is my second time purchasing and I fully intend to not be without it and doubt any other could do as much for my skin's needs. The scent may seem odd at first, cocoa and jasmine, but is the most beautifully scented skin care product I own. A perfume with this scent would never leave my side. It's soothing, dreamy. It sprays very fine and makes it easy to not use up too much. I love this."


"This is my favorite facial mist/ toner around. I probably use it a little too much given the $$$, but the smell and the feeling when it hits my face is worth it. I also really think it's helped with my acne and the tone of my skin."


"Absolutely love this product. Its mist is very fine and the scent swoon-inducing. A beautiful and subtle floral. I spritz it on first thing in the morning before my face oils. Divine!"


"Wow, this is exactly what I needed. I never knew what a toner was or why I needed one. I just got it in the mail and spritzed it on my face at work. The smell is amazing, and the softness that it leaves to my skin is so perfect. I feel like I finally have the perfect skin care products."


"Really has the scent of Jasmine! Lovely scent, refreshing on the face! I spray it on before makeup, after makeup or whenever I need to refresh my face! I spray it on my pillow case at bedtime, and it's going to travel with me in a few weeks! Just love it so much!"


"This is my standout spray, the 'gonna get me through this master's degree deadline spray'!"


"I got this as a gift, would not have bought it because of the price. But it is lovely, I could bathe in it. Smells like true, sweet jasmine, not like perfume, which I love. And I have seen a difference when using with the Youth Dew. The two products work incredibly well together. My skin looks brighter and well balanced. Will buy when I've run out of this bottle."


"I use this as spray to calm my skin down whenever I have a burning sensation after my skincare routine. This is truly a holy grail and a must for all."


"LIFE IN A BOTTLE. This is the best facial spray I have used. I cannot praise it enough. It smells amazing, the packaging is amazing - IT IS AMAZING! Super Hydrating and leaves your makeup/skin refreshed and hydrated."


"Oooohhh, aaaahhh!! Amazing hydrating spritz with the perfect delivery system distributing a fine even mist of this incredible smelling bottle of awesomeness. Set my skin up nicely to receive the following serums/moisturizers. Seems pricey but soooo worth it!!!"


"This is the queen of facial sprays, I have tried them all. It's moisturizing, smells incredible and the spray nozzle saturates your face in moisture. Amazing."