The Facial Steam Cloth | Testimonials

"WOW. I have NEVER felt anything like this. These cloths feel like little black lab puppies! I swear they’re the softest thing I’ve ever touched."

—Anna Marie

"Who knew I needed this?! If you think all washcloths are pretty much the same thing, you’re about to have your mind blown. Mine is. I have to come back for the dozen because two is definitely not enough. I’m never using anything else ever again. Please don’t stop making these!"


"I’ve been keeping a couple of these chilled in the freezer as May suggested and using post-masking. Whoa. Total game-changing experience. My skin is so bright and happy and my redness is reducing by the day!"


"Forget washing my face, I’m tempted to buy a hundred to sew into a big snuggly blanket and sleep for the rest of my life in pure heaven!"


"Finally, a cloth that actually stays warm! These are amazing and crazy cushy. After wetting, I put mine in the microwave for 30 seconds and that does the trick. I can easily cover my entire face (thank you for making these oversized, May!!) and the experience of this is so relaxing."


"I already loved your skincare and your ritual for Men’s Care, but this took it to another level. The Facial Steam Cloth is perfect to warm my beard before shaving! These are the perfect hot shave towel and I’m going to introduce my barber!"


"Takes off my makeup like a dream! I don’t even need to use a remover! These facial steam cloths have completely changed my night time routine. I can use so much less product and my eyes don’t get so sensitive from all the friction of a regular cloth. The fact that they are BLACK is an unexpected bonus - no more ugly makeup-stained washcloths hanging in my bathroom!"


"Is it weird that I keep opening the big dozen gift box (which, btw, is BEAUTIFUL!!) just to pet the cloths inside?? They are so soft I can’t help myself. May, please turn these into sleepwear and bedding! I’m obsessed and my skin is happy. This is the surprise of the year."